Volume 15, Issue 6 - November/December 2011

By Katie Hodge

A Hazy Shade of Tinting
We all have those times in our lives when something happened so fast and was so different from our normal reality that it hardly seems real. In fact, many major events have that hazy feeling to me—I can’t quite remember the details, but know the feelings I was left with afterwards. I spent a week in Europe after my college graduation and honestly don’t remember much about it. I know it was fun and that it was the trip of a lifetime, but the sight-seeing tours and the beautiful scenery are all a little fuzzy now. It makes me wonder—was I really there?

Coming back from the International Window Film Tint-Off and Conference™ left me with that same feeling. It was truly a whirlwind. The excitement surrounding the Tint-Off was truly palpable and the contestants were openly confident in their skills. I remember watching Chris Brooks of Kauff’s Tint & Graphics lean back in his chair in relief and smile when he realized he had won the competition. I can still see the daughters of George Reyna of Tint Connection cheering when he raised his “done” sign at the conclusion of his tinting job. I also took away a lot from the seminars, even learning some things about window film that I didn’t know.

I spent time chatting with all of the window film exhibitors taking part in the Exhibition/Extravaganza and the overall review of the show was that they had more traffic through their booths than expected and that the Tint-Off was highly entertaining. I had the chance to talk with a variety of tinters on the show floor and in seminars and they all had positive things to say.

The overall feeling, and the most popular topic, was how powerful it was that everyone in the industry was able to come together for one industry event. The theme of putting differences aside and working together really came through every part of the week. Attendees shared ideas in seminars, manufacturers shared exhibition space on the show floor and tinters congratulated each other on a job well bone. Needless to say, I remember the most important parts.

Luckily for me and my hazy brain I have plenty to remind me of the week. We put together a slideshow of photos that you can view using the QR tag below. Also, be sure to check out our event wrap-up on page 34.

So for those of you who aren’t feeling so hazy fill me in on your experience. What did you take away from the event? What topic would you like to learn more about at the next conference? Email me at khodge@glass.com to share your experiences from Memphis.
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