Volume 15, Issue 5 - September/October 2011

IWFA Update
by John Parker

A MAC Update

First, please let us take a second to welcome you to the IWFA column in Window Film Magazine. As the association for the window film industry, we are excited to be given this forum and believe it will afford us a way to better engage not only with association members, but the industry as a whole and have an open discussion about the issues that matter to all of us.

Drawing on that open communication, we feel this first column is a good opportunity to discuss our recent formation of the Members Action Committee (MAC). As our organization and the overall profile of the window film industry grows, we want to make sure that the needs of every member continue to be served and that everyone has a voice in what we are doing. The MAC does just that, giving dealers and distributors increased input on IWFA issues that matter most to them.

Though still in its early stages, the MAC has already been hard at work and was responsible for much of the IWFA involvement and partnership with Window Film magazine at the recent International Window Film Tint-Off and Conference. This was a big first step and one we hope those of you that attended the show found the various presentations and the dealer panel discussion to be useful. As many of you may have also seen, we conducted a large dealer survey prior to the International Window Film Tint-Off and Conference to better gauge the issues on the minds of our members. We look forward to sharing the findings of this survey not only in IWFA communications, but through this column as well.

Apart from the work it did at the International Window Film Tint-Off and Conference, the MAC is responsible for a variety of other activities that will further benefit the industry as a whole, including creating new educational materials for member use and increasing the awareness of window film across lateral industries.

Remember, the IWFA is your industry organization and the goal of this column is to discuss the issues that matter to you. That being said, please send us your feedback to let us know what you would like to see in our upcoming columns as we want to keep the dialogue open and collaborative. What topics do you feel need to be addressed? Are there specific issues you are dealing with that you want to see discussed on a broader scale? Would you like more resources from the IWFA? What are some ideas that have worked for you to raise the profile of window film in your area? Please, let us know. Our main goal remains to serve our members in the most effective way possible while continuing to increase the profile and understanding of the benefits of all window film (both flat glass and automotive) to the general public.

Please send all comments, ideas, membership inquiries and more to info@iwfa.com.

John Parker is the president of the International Window Film Association (IWFA) as well as the owner of National Security & Window Filming in Oak Forest, Ill.

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