Volume 15, Issue 5 - September/October 2011


Prestige on the Outside
Exterior Window Film Prestige, 3M’s new product line has just been released in the United States and features three film grades, Exterior PR40, Exterior PR70 and Exterior PR90, that block up to 99.9 percent of UV rays.

The three films are applied to the outside of glass to reduce thermal stress and can be used on retrofit projects or new construction. According to the company, the thin films do not contain any metals. Exterior PR90 only reduces the amount of sunlight transmitted by, at most, one percent.

Aliphatic Film Protection
Xpel Ultimate, the latest paint protection film from San Antonio, Texas-based Xpel Technologies Corp, is a new patent-pending, self-adhesive, aliphatic film designed to protect cars from road wear.

According to the company, the film is coated with an ultra-clear, high-performance acrylic adhesive to assist adhesion to a range of surfaces while working to prevent stretch lines, lift lines and silvering. The film’s clear coat work to “heal” scratches in the surface.

A Special FX is In
Wintech’s new automotive film FEELM Xenium, or FXenium, contains a nano-carbon compound to assist with coloration and performance. According to the company this film can meet or exceed the heat rejection offered from most carbon films and does not fade or purple. The product is can be ordered in 20-inch, 40-inch and 60 inch sizes. Available VLT amounts include 5, 15, 35 and 50 percent transmission.

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