Volume 16, Issue 6 - July/August 2012

By Donna Wells

30 Second Tag

Here we are in the heat of the summer and everyone should be rocking and rolling their window film world! If you’re not, then maybe you should be thinking about how to build your business in the second half of the year. It’s not too late if you keep your chin up and start tomorrow with a positive attitude.

Telling Tag
That being said, I have spent a portion of my year teaching and training individuals about how to sell window film in their markets. One of the first questions I ask is, “What is your 30 second tag?” “What is your elevator pitch?” Most people stare at me with a blank look on their face. So, I thought I would take a moment to enlighten those of you who do not have a “tag line” and help you develop something to turn your bummer summer into a super summer.

Your 30 second tag should identify who you are, what your company does and how you can help the person listening to you. It should give your potential customer a clear concise vision of what it is you do for a living and, most importantly, a tight hook line for them to ask the important questions. Your tag should motivate the client to ask you for a business card, to ask when you are available to provide an estimate and perhaps to ask when they could schedule an appointment to get the work completed.

Allow me to give you my 30 second tag from when I owned Image Imagination. It went something like this: “My decorative window films allow you to create your PERSONAL WOW FACTOR! At Image Imagination, your imagination is your only limitation. Allow me, Donna Wells, to help you create something magical and personal for your home or office.” Within moments, they knew my name and my specialty. If they were looking for something unique, they knew they had found the person who could help them. I used this tag every chance I got and was always amazed by the positive response I received.

Auto Tag
So, let’s say you specialize in automotive window films. How could you structure a tag that would generate interest in your company? Automotive films reduce the air conditioning and heating usage in a vehicle, protect against ultra violet ray damage and help reduce glare. You might open with something like this: “You know how some automotive window films turn blue or purple? ABC Window Tinting specializes in automotive energy-efficient window films, allowing you to reduce up to 60 percent of the heat, a majority of the glare and 99 percent of the damaging ultraviolet rays. Plus, our warranty includes no-color change, giving you peace of mind that your window film investment will enhance your automotive experience, not deter from your auto’s value. My name is Ted Hollywood and it would be my pleasure to invite you to our shop and share with you additional benefits of our products and services.” The customer can now inquire about shades of product, your shop’s location, whether you make house calls—in other words, the basic questions one might ask if interested in automotive window films. In fact, you could have turned those few seconds into a money making moment.

In either tag example, you are introducing yourself and your company to a new, potential customer. In a quick, concise moment, you are supplying someone with the information that they need in order to take the next step. You need to take the initiative, hand them a business card and shake their hand. Do not be afraid to be the one to start the conversation. You can do this and if you perfect your tag, you will wonder why you hadn’t done this sooner. Do you want to know my new tag line? Ask me the next time we meet.

Donna Wells is the division head of the wholesale division at Window Film Depot.

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