Volume 16, Issue 2 - March/April 2012

By Katie O’Mara


An Old-Fashioned Foot Race

It started innocently enough. I opened the door to show my 1-year-old yellow lab that there was no one outside (genius, I know). She proceeded to bolt out the front door and into the rain. She ran down the road and through numerous yards. The faster I ran, the faster she ran. Promises of food, treats, walks and various usual tricks failed to catch her attention. I managed to keep her within my sights and followed her into the woods behind a random home (cue flashback of a horror movie). This is when I realized that you cannot outrun your competition by doing the same thing that your competition is doing. I needed to be smarter. So I began just slowly walking behind her and she quickly slowed down (she is not as smart as she may seem).
After being caught in brambles, thorns and sinking my lovely new Sperry’s into the mud, I picked up a stick nearby and began to wave it around (caveman style). Lo and behold the puppy’s ears perked up and she came cautiously towards me. I snatched her collar and we made our trek back through the woods and to my husband with the waiting car (there were a few choice words spoken to my pup at this point—feel free to use your imagination).

In the moment I listened to my instincts, which was to do what I know. My initial thought was that I could catch the speed demon. However, when something isn’t working for you then you have to change your game plan. Sometimes trying to use the strategies that come naturally to you and that you are familiar with, won’t help you. It will just keep you in stride or a step behind your competition.

In this issue of the magazine you will find plenty of new ideas to help you set your business apart from the competition. We are taking a look at different kinds of training—both traditional and non-traditional—to see how businesses are continuing to educate themselves and their employees on page 34.

Finding the right fit between a technician and his tools is another huge factor in determining a company’s success. It could be said that a technician is only as good as the tools he uses. Find out what some technicians swear by when it comes to completing a quality film installation on page 30.

Also, back by popular demand, is a new edition of our vehicle wrap pictorial on page 36. Check out the new designs being installed across the country and be inspired to try out new designs or a new add-on service completely.

Finally, I had the pleasure and the honor of traveling to New Orleans to profile a true survivor. The partners behind GT Tint shared their story with me about surviving Hurricane Katrina and re-building as a new company with some major film installations under their belt. Read GT Tint’s inspiring story on page 24.

So the next time you are in a good old-fashioned foot race, surprise your competition with something unexpected and the results just might astound you.

Follow the MS tag at right to view a video report from New Orleans and GT Tint.

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