Volume 16, Issue 2 - March/April 2012


Dedicated to Film
Woody Richartz, Express Tinting, Virginia Beach, Va.

You’ll find Woody Richartz at Express Tinting working late into the night seven days a week. This owner spends his waking hours installing automotive, residential, commercial, vehicle wraps, paint protection and marine projects. However, Richartz started out small doing work for friends.

“I got started doing backyard automotive jobs for friends,” says Richartz. “I applied for a job in 1995 at a tint shop in Virginia Beach. I thought I knew how to tint, but I didn’t. They taught me the right way to do it.

Now, over 16 years later Richartz still finds enjoyment in his work.

“Your project ends quickly and you can see the results of what you have created usually in less than a day,” says Richartz. “It’s not like you are on a project for six months. I think I would get bored quickly with something like that.

The reason that Richartz stands out is his dedication to his customers. He is not satisfied until and unless his customer is satisfied with the end result.

“I just try to be fair and I don’t try to get rich overnight,” says Richartz. “I tell my customers that we have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If the job isn’t done to the customer’s specs I will pay them to go get it done somewhere else as long as it comes back looking better. The customer’s satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We give scratch warranties in case they scratch a window or if they get a window broken out we will tint it for free.”

Hector Cavazos is the manager of Express Tinting Hampton location. He nominated Richartz as a Film Star™ because of his respect for his employer.

“He is worthy of being a Film Star because he delivers nothing but premier window film installations in Hampton Roads and gets the job done right with over 16 years experience,” says Cavazos. “He is truly an expert in commercial, residential, automotive and marine.”

Richartz is constantly working on a variety of projects. He has already worked on some of his favorite cars and been able to install film on some impressive buildings.

“I have pretty much done it all. I did an Oldsmobile 88 and one piece back window last year for the first time. I’ve done 3 or 4 Berettas in one piece. I have done 30 story buildings and I’ve also done just one window jobs. I don’t know of anything I haven’t done,” says Richartz. “Flat glass is probably my favorite. You get to see different houses and buildings. I can get a lot of work done in a short period of time—5,000 square feet in one day. One of my favorite projects was working on the USAA insurance building. We did all exterior work on 1,000 skylights.”

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