Volume 16, Issue 2 - March/April 2012

IWFA Update
by John Parker


Pumping Up Awareness

In the last issue of Window Film magazine you might recall reading about a new informational booklet we were preparing to launch. We’re proud to deliver on our promise to you and invite you to check it out on our website, www.iwfa.com in the consumer information section here, www.iwfa.com/ConsumerInfo/IWFAWindowFilmBooklet.aspx.

Booklet Breakdown
This booklet is a very powerful new marketing and sales tool we hope you’ll take advantage of this year. It is a basic primer on window film and can help educate people who may know nothing about window film at all—and eliminate misconceptions that consumers may have from past exposure to first-generation window film.

Our goal with this is to get the public as excited as we are about the numerous ways that window film delivers on its promises to add immediate protection and long-term value to properties. It gives readers high-impact data in a friendly, easy-to-read format. For example, most homeowners may not realize that window film can be a great alternative to replacing older windows, without the high cost and intrusion of replacing the windows themselves. They can realize an impressive ROI in terms of energy savings, while benefiting from UV protection, glare reduction and safety (i.e., holding shattered glass in place).

We’re always scoping out new ways to help you drive your business forward and support growth within our industry overall. And, we appreciate how much today’s savvy consumers want to get an objective, product-neutral and expert resource’s perspective on investments they might be considering for their homes.

“Our goal with this is to get the public as excited as we are about the numerous ways that window film delivers on its promises to add immediate protection and long-term value to properties.”

So—we’ve created this booklet as a simple but effective solution to satisfy any home (or building) owner’s craving for the straight facts on what window film can do for them. The IWFA is a resource for consumers as well as our members in the window film industry, and we’re working hard to give consumers the knowledge and confidence they need to do business with you. This new booklet is one resource to help pave the way to more sales opportunities for you in 2012. And, information is power—when you’re armed with it, opening new doors will come more easily too!

Please download the booklet and offer to share it as a resource guide. Along with your business card, deliver it to prospects when you meet as an additional way to keep your business top of mind and to assure your prospective customers that you’re supported by the IWFA.

To make it even better—our public relations team at Warner Communications is pulling out all the stops and getting word about the booklet into the hands of editors and reporters at magazines, websites, radio stations and television stations around the country and working together with the IWFA team to provide expert interviews with the media. Please take a look at the news section of our website www.iwfa.com/NewsEvents/MediaReleases.aspx to familiarize yourself with some of the coverage this has generated in media outlets from Today’s Home to CBS Radio.

We’ve already told you that in 2012 we want more people than ever to think of window film right away when they’re looking for solutions to their energy savings, a reduced carbon footprint, UV protection, safety and glare issues. That is the goal we’re committed to—more awareness and generating more demand for the uses of window film—and this is one step we hope will go a long way in making it happen!

John Parker is the president of the International Window Film Association (IWFA), whose members include window film dealers, distributors and manufacturers. Contact the IWFA at 276.666.4932 or admin@IWFA.com, or visit www.iwfa.com.

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