Volume 16, Issue 3 - May/June 2012

By Katie O’Mara

Take Your Marks

I’ve never been one to excel at sports, but there was one sport in which I experienced a modicum of success. I was a Grafton Dolphin through my elementary years and spent nearly every morning of my summers at the local community pool swimming laps. I relished the time at a swim meet before the race when the butterflies started to aimlessly flutter around my belly. The tension and excitement would only build as I got one step closer to the race. By the time we were lined up I would snap my swim cap down (over my giant lump of hair), jam my goggles tight onto my eyes and pray I wouldn’t belly flop upon entrance into the pool (it may have taken me two years to learn how to dive—don’t judge me). It was some sort of a pre-race routine. It calmed me and helped me focus before my adrenaline burst and I dove head-first (literally) into the race.

While we might still be four months out from the big event you can be sure that tinters are beginning their preparations and pre-competition rituals before the International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™. In order to win the Tint-Off you have to be well-practiced, focused and prepared. You have to thrive under pressure and you have to be confident. For some tinters the preparation began shortly after the last competition ended, but for all of them the true test will come when the competition begins. This year the anticipation is even greater because of the addition of the architectural division of the Tint-Off.

If you are looking for more info about attending or competing in the event see page 30. We are offering full comprehensive details about the event as well as information on how to register to be in Louisville and see the action (you can always go to windowfilmag.com/IWFC to learn more as well).

In the spirit of preparation we also spoke with the Via Christi hospital in Pittsburg, Kan., that recently had window film installed on the hospital. Visit page 26 to learn why.

We are also offering you some additional tools to help you prepare for future sales and installations. The International Window Film Association (IWFA) recently released a study that found window film to be the most cost-effective energy saving choice for California consumers. Read about the study and see how you can put it to work for you on page 24.

We are also offering you some tips and strategies for cultivating relationships and preparing to work with utility companies on page 28.

And finally, we are continuing our Back to Basics series with a look at the components of that make up window film and how they work together to give consumers the desired result—saving energy (see the May/June 2011 issue for the first installment in this series). Find out more on page 18.

Even now I still can hear the whistles from the summer swim meets when I sit outside at my parent’s house and it still gives me that feeling of excitement and anticipation. So the next time you are making final preparations for something big, whether it be professionally or personally, relish the pre-race routine. Contestants, prepare yourselves.

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