Volume 16, Issue 3 - May/June 2012


Rock Solid
Ronnie Canchola, Ron’s Window Tinting, Lodi, Calif.

Ron’s Window Tinting truly is a family affair. Father Ronnie and son Thomas both have worked hard to grow the business.

Ronnie Canchola started tinting in 1995 while serving in the Marines in 29 Palms, Calif.

“I started tinting my own cars and friends’ cars,” says Canchola. “I began buying tint from a local distributor. After serving my four year term I packed up my family and headed back to northern California to a town called Lodi.”

In Lodi, Ronnie Canchola began work at a factory and attended college and ended up attending a window film training course.

“With my skills and better knowledge of the tinting world, I began to focus more on the business and shortly after that I quit the factory job to go after the auto side of the business full time.”

Canchola grew his business during the year and opened a custom tint shop in 2006. In 2010, his son Thomas came to work with him and Dad couldn’t be prouder.

“My shop sets me apart from others,” says Ronnie Canchola. “The fact that my shop is a second generation family business makes us different. I am very proud of [Thomas] and how far he has come in this very little time.”

Having a second generation business is not the only thing that sets the Canchola’s apart from their competition.

“This guy has what I think is the nicest shop in the U.S.,” says Nick Casucci at Solar Gard Specialty Films. “It is truly unbelievable. He built this shop from the ground up. Ron went from high school to the Marines to opening his own tint shop business.”

As far as dreams go Canchola is lucky to have already achieved most of them. Watching his son excel at tinting is certainly on the list.

“Within a year’s time he didn’t just become another installer, he became a full time salesman and installer—a second generation,” says Canchola.

In addition to serving on Solar Gard’s dealer council Canchola just enjoys helping to make the world a healthier place.

“I never sit down long enough to think of any dream projects,” says Canchola. “I believe every project is a dream project because I’m helping to reduce each person’s carbon footprint.”

When Canchola is not busy tinting you can find him enjoying all that California has to offer. “I love to travel. I love the ocean. I love snowboarding and wine tasting,” says Canchola. “Living in California I can do all of these things.”

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