Volume 16, Issue 3 - May/June2012


White Ink
Roland DGA Corp., based out of Irvine, Calif., has introduced a new color option to its line of inkjet printers and cutters. The VersaStudio BN-20 is now available in a CMYK plus white ink configuration. The VersaCAMM VS printer/cutter is also available in white ink configuration and can now be purchased with two channels of white ink for more opaque images and faster production speeds. The White Eco-SOL MAX ink enhances the vividness of four-color printing when applied as an undercoat. Roland printers and cutters come with an automated ink circulation system that reduces ink usage and maintenance requirements. In addition to VersaCAMM VS and VersaStudio models, White Eco-SOL MAX ink is available as an option for the SOLJET PRO III XC-540 and XC-540MT as well.

Edgy Squeegee
Fort Lauderdale-Fla.-based Geek Wraps is offering a new competitive dual soft edge squeegee line. The line of squeegees uses the same soft non-abrasive edge that the company’s original soft edge squeegee used, but also features a white micro-thin soft edge that won’t scratch or cut the wrap vinyl. The white color was chosen for the new edge to avoid dirt or dust settling on the surface of the wrap during installation. The white edge will show dirt and dust and allow installers to clean the squeegee and start again.

The competitive dual soft edge squeegee is currently sold in a competition set consisting of one four inch and one micro detail squeegee.

Competitive Products Skylight Makeover
International Glass Solutions, a Dublin, Ohio-based distributor, introduced a new sun control exterior skylight paint called Liquisol. The paint is designed for acrylic, plexiglass, plastic or glass conservatories, skylights and light domes. Liquisol contains specialized pigments that transmit the visible light spectrum and reflect infrared heat. The product is available in four variations including 4EVER, 4EVERblue (adds a blue hue), 3Seasons (removable in the winter to increase solar energy) and 2White (contains white reflective roof paint).

No Scratch and Stick
DuPont Glass Laminating Solutions has a new ultra-clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film with hard coat, designed to broaden the ways high-performance safety glass is made. The new Spallshield CPET sheeting is a durable PET film made with a proprietary hard coating for scratch resistance. It is designed for use as an external surface on glass laminates where spall protection is desired. The new anti-spall film can be used on safety glass of any thickness, in conjunction with a variety of other laminating materials.

Standard roll width is 60 inches with a length of 820 feet. Sample rolls with widths of 60 inches and lengths of 164 feet are available for physical testing and manufacturing trials.

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