Volume 16, Issue 6 - November December2012

By Donna Wells

The Art of Giving

As 2012 draws to a close and the window film season comes to an end you may be wondering how you are going to keep the business going through the winter months. This is an age-old question for anyone who has been in the window film industry for any length of time.

So, how do so many window film companies manage to keep their cash flow going in the winter months? The answer is the art of giving: gift cards, gift certificates, bonus buys, coupons—you get the idea.

‘Tis the Season
We have entered the season for giving. Why not advertise window film as a great gift to give? For years, I advertised gift certificates at my business. People would come into the store and gladly purchase the gift of window film. Many times, I would be in the store selling gift certificates on December 24th at 6 p.m. Why? People were looking for that perfect last minute gift and I was happy to be the company to provide a creative yet practical idea for them.

Bonus buys and coupons aid in the art of giving. True, you are not receiving money in advance for work you have not yet performed, but your customers are motivated to spend money on window film which they may not have otherwise purchased in 2012.

Coupons or bonus buys are like personal gift certificates for the purchasers. They allow the end users to purchase a gift for themselves and you receive dollars to keep your door swinging open during the lean season. A bonus buy is a smart way to team up with other companies in the area. You could pair with a car alarm company or a detail company and offer a package. For example, “spend $300 on automotive window film and receive a complimentary detail on your vehicle.” The detail company could offer a complete detail for $200 with a bonus lure of $50 off vehicle window film. Or, you could team up with a window washing company and offer a discount on each service when both are purchased. Remember, the company with which you join is advertising your company at their location. Your company is now reaching clients that you might not have reached before and you are perfecting the art of giving.

Giving Back
The art of giving is to truly give. Identify your favorite local charity and apply window film complimentary to a portion of their offices. You will feel good about donating your time and support. The charity will be thankful that you decided to help them out. Be sure to use your marketing skills and alert the local media. It will make a true feel-good story during the holiday season and your company will be viewed by hundreds on television who might not have previously heard of you. It is definitely a win-win situation for all parties.

Regardless of how you decide to help spread your good will during this holiday season, remember everyone likes presents! Giving something away or heavily discounting is an excellent way to share the gift of window film with those who know little or nothing about our industry. You will introduce them to a new way of saving money and putting dollars back into their pockets. What could be a more perfect gift? Happy Holidays!

Donna Wells is the division head of the wholesale division at Window Film Depot.

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