Volume 16, Issue 6 - November/December 2012

By Casy Neeley

Taking Chances

We live in a world that seeks greatness. This is especially true for both the window film industry and for me.

As a child, the only thing I really excelled at was reading. I was neither an athlete nor a mathlete, and I certainly didn’t know what I wanted to do “when I grew up.”

Friends and family would tell me how good I was at telling stories and recounting events, but how was that supposed to translate into a career?

Finally it dawned on me. I realized then I could combine my love of reading with my storytelling abilities as a writer. My love of people and their stories instantly drew me to magazines. I realized then my ultimate goal—my calling—was to be a magazine editor. In my search for personal success and happiness, I knew I had to begin that career.

My recent experience as editor of WINDOW FILM has shown me that the window film industry shines greatness as well.

Having the privilege of watching many industry members compete at the recent International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ allowed me to witness the great dedication and pride all of you have in your work. Seeing the competitors work with the films gave me a much higher appreciation for the effort and skill that is involved in installations. For more on the IWFC, see page 32.

As I continue to learn about window film and attend industry events such as this year’s SEMA Show, I look forward to getting the chance to meet many of you. Speaking with manufacturers and dealers as well as installers is always a great opportunity. This is your magazine and I want its content to reflect your needs. To learn more about the SEMA Show, see page 36. For a list of other upcoming events, see page 42.

As I get to know more about window film, I am also excited to learn about any new products, innovations and applications.

One of the window film applications I have found most interesting is security films. After the recent embassy attacks, it was refreshing to see an industry offering such a unique, effective option. As a consumer, it wasn’t a security option I had ever considered but as I learn more, I certainly understand its value. You’ll see more information about protective glazings and security films on page 30.

As we prepare for the New Year, I am hopeful about the bright future window film has and excited to see what the upcoming year holds. As consumers become more educated on the significance and benefits of window film, I have no doubt the market will continue to rise and both dealers and manufacturers will see even more growth. For more predictions on the 2013 year in window film, see page 28.

The window film industry is where it is today because someone took a chance on it. As I continue to strive for personal greatness, I look forward to doing it with you. Thank you for taking a chance on me.

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