Volume 16, Issue 6 - November/December 2012

From Trunk to Tint
Clayton Kimbraugh, Performance Window Tinting and Auto Detailing, Columbia, Md.
Clayton Kimbraugh, owner and operator of Performance Window Tinting and Auto Detailing in Columbia, Md., began his career in the industry as an architectural glass window film installer in 1989. Kimbraugh broke into the industry while working out of his car.

“In 1989 I started doing cars for friends in the neighborhoods, pretty much working from out of the trunk of my car. I’d go around to some of the local repair shops doing detailing for them. I formed Performance Window Tinting and Auto Detailing in 1993.”

Kimbraugh’s shop offers a variety of services including automotive window tinting, detailing, auto body repair and clear bra paint protection.

“I really like cars and working with people,” says Kimbraugh. “I really enjoy window tinting. The tint just transforms the car into an entirely different look. I just want to stay with [the industry] until the end; it’s been good to me.”

In addition to automotive services, Kimbraugh finds architectural tinting has been rewarding as well.

“My most memorable project was doing the Discovery Communications building in downtown Silver Spring, Md. That project took us about three months to do—16 floors—I was really excited about doing that project. There were some windows that needed to be prepared for a cleaning and they used us to prepare the windows and reinstall them.”

Kimbraugh says customer service is the reason his shop is so successful. “[Customers] have confidence that we will take care of [them]. When they bring their cars to us they trust that they are getting the highest-quality service available.”

Though he enjoys riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle in his spare time, Kimbraugh says he spends the majority of his day focusing on his business. “A lot of people don’t understand what it takes to be a small-business owner,” says Kimbraugh. “It takes a lot of your time to run a business and that’s my focus.”

“I really enjoy the art of window tinting and I am always looking for new innovation, ideas and opportunities to keep my business growing long term,” continues Kimbraugh. Some of the opportunities Kimbraugh looks forward to include opening several new shops and starting a franchise.

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