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Looking Forward to the 2012 SEMA Show

The SEMA Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center is arguably one of the biggest shows in the automotive window film industry. In past years, attendees have been impressed not only by the size of the show, but the variety of vendor booths and products. From trends to stars, last year’s SEMA Show provided attendees with the opportunity to not only meet some famous members of the automotive and restyling industry, but also learn about available new products.

“I am looking for that diamond in the rough—that thing that makes me feel like I have to add this to my business,” said Rob Stortroen from Star Trims Automotive at last year’s event. Many SEMA attendees are searching for those products they think will boost the overall efficiency and sales for their shops.

So what exactly is different about this year’s show? Attendees can expect to see more automotive-focused celebrities, most notably NASCAR legend Richard Petty and three-time Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti, as well as the latest and most innovative products the industry has to offer. Window film products will be displayed in the North Hall with the other restyling and car care exhibitors. See below for a sneak peak at what a few of the vendors plan to display this year.

Taking Flight
3M – Booth #12227

3M plans to show its new film line inspired by the complex nano-structure of a butterfly’s wings. 3M says that the non-metalized films its scientists produced are able to keep your car cool without dramatically impacting its look. According to the company, the crystalline film allows 40 to 90 percent visible light transmission (VLT) and rejects up to 97 percent of the sun's IR rays while blocking up to 60 percent of heat transmission.

Other films that will be on display include the Color Stable automotive films which the company says are nano-carbon polyester films which provide heat rejection combined with a tinted factory glass look. The film allows only 5 to 50 percent VLT and rejects up to 57 percent heat transmission. Also on display will be the FX Premium automotive film which allows 5 to 50 percent VLT and rejects 45 percent of heat transmission, according to 3M.

Gaining Steam
Jiffy Steamer – Booth #13245

Jiffy Steamer will be showing its new product, the SteamBlade, this year at SEMA. Jiffy says the SteamBlade is an innovative product designed to simplify the removal of window film, vinyl wrap and lettering. The SteamBlade, uses steam to quickly and safely unbind glue from the window, according to the company. Jiffy also says the SteamBlade will allow for the removal of window film, vinyl wrap or lettering in a fraction of the time of conventional methods.

Demonstrations on Display
Wintech Window Films – Booth #12151

Wintech Window Films will present its new Xenium automotive film composed of a densely packed nano-carbon compound that offers up to 64 percent heat rejection. Also on display will be Enerv, an IR film composed of nano-ceramic materials combining high visible light transmittance and high heat rejection with an unmatched cost-to-performance ratio, according to the company. A large selection of bestselling decorative film and Loview design films will be put up on individual displays. The company plans to have 44 displays to showcase its selection of films, as well as tinting demonstrations using the Xenium series to offer attendees hands-on experience with the new film.

Four on the Floor
NDFOS – Booth #12771

NDFOS Window Film will display its four different products at this year’s SEMA show. Products on display will include the company’s anti-fog ceramic (IR) film which the company says rejects heat, blocks 99 percent of UV rays and maintains 65 percent visible light transmission (VLT). The PPF carbon fiber is both decorative and a practical PPF solution, says NDFOS. The multi-layer safety film, which will also be on display, comes in 4-mil and offers both automotive and commercial applications according to the company. Finally, NDFOS plans to show its Opti series, which it says is an automotive film that blocks 99 percent of UV rays and keeps a 70, 80 or 90 percent VLT while blocking heat.

The Cutting Edge
SunTek Window Films/Commonwealth Laminating & Coating – Booth #12649

Commonwealth Laminating & Coating Inc./SunTek Window Films will feature an automotive paint protection film (PPF) line and SunTek’s pattern-cutting software, TruCut this year. The paint protection product line consists of urethane-based films that help safeguard vehicle finishes. SunTek says its PPF will not alter the appearance of a vehicle while offering first-rate protection from damage caused by gravel, rocks, salt, insects and other road pollutants. According to SunTek, TruCut allows its user to quickly and easily cut a paint protection or window film pattern with minimal product waste. TruCut also features accurate editing capabilities, allowing the manipulation of any pattern to fit specific install requirements. TruCut comes pre-loaded with an extensive library of precise vehicle patterns, including 2013 models, and is available with both paint protection patterns and window film patterns.

Get FILM’d
Window Film Magazine – Booth #12623

Window Film magazine will once again be an exhibitor at this year’s SEMA show. Be sure to stop by the booth to meet the staff, grab a copy of the magazine and nominate colleagues to be recognized in an upcoming Film Star™ feature. Feel free to speak to the editor and offer any tips, leads or suggestions for upcoming issues. The FILM’d crew will also be on site; be sure to speak with us for a chance to be interviewed in one of our newscasts.

Hands-On Displays
Madico – Booth #12227

Madico Window Films plans to show its complete automotive film line as well as the Sun-Gard line. These include the Madico Charcool and Wincos films as well as the Sun-Gard Black Pearl and Shadow lines. Interactive displays will be featured at the booth for the Madico brand films and attendees will have the opportunity to test the shrinkability of the Black Pearl product. Additionally, dealers and attendees will also have the chance to install the DefenZall Paint Protection Film at the booth. Madico will also feature its new Sunscape Architecture line which includes the new Purelite 60, a light window film that provides balanced solar performance with a natural appearance on glass.

A Cut Above
Scorpion Window Film – Booth #13255

Scorpion Window Film plans to showcase its film cutter, Scorpion Silver Slitter, at SEMA. The company says the film cutter is made of heavy-duty aluminum frame and can adjust to cut bulk rolls of film or vinyl from ten to 72 inches. The cutter comes with a 1/4 HP motor at 150 pounds of torque and a dual safety cutting apparatus. Scorpion also plans to feature its complete line of films which include automotive, commercial and residential, safety and security, anti-graffiti, and privacy and decorative films. Scorpion-sponsored NASCAR driver David Ragan will be at the booth October 31 from 3 to 4 p.m. to sign autographs.

All the Rage
Johnson Window Films – Booth #12137

Johnson Window Films is introducing its new film line RAGE. Johnson says RAGE is a 2-ply, 1.5-mil construction of high-quality polyester that is signal safe with up to 43 percent heat rejection, 93 percent glare reduction and 99 percent or more UV blocking. “We are excited to provide a real cost-effective solution given the current economic turmoil our customers face every day,” says Denise Beck, marketing director.

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