Volume 16, Issue 5 - September/October 2012


Cutting Edge
The Latest Innovations in Window Film Cutting Tools

by Katie O'Mara

Being on the cutting edge might not be so difficult in the window film industry. The nature of window film lends itself to cutting—cutting tools that is. How do you cut and mold your film before application? Technology is changing the industry’s tools, software and window film itself. See if your favorites are included in this collection of some of the latest innovations in cutting tools on the market.

Slitter Saver
Scorpion Window Films’ film cutter is made up of a heavy-duty aluminum frame and is adjustable to cut bulk rolls of film or vinyl ranging from 10 inches to 72 inches. According to the company, the cutter reduces wasted film and vinyl because of a ¼ HP motor at 150 pounds of torque and a dual safety cutting apparatus. The film cutter is built by hand in the U.S., has a 78 inch core width capability and a built-in measuring system to assist with accurate cutting. The company says set up of the machine is easy and the cutting process is fast.

Knifeless Design
Performance Tools Distributing is going knifeless with a new style of cutting tool. The Knifeless Cutting System is a tape that can be used to cut graphic film without having to use a knife. The tape has a visible high strength filament that runs through the middle and does the cutting. According to the company, the tape is flexible and can turn smoothly in any direction or create a straight precise line. The graphic film is placed over the tape and the filament is pulled through the graphic film to cut. The tape leaves no adhesive residue behind.

Part of a Pair
Roland DGA has introduced its latest tool for cutting, the Roland GX vinyl cutter series. This cutter can work with the Roland Film Design software to offer dealers a complete production solution. The vinyl cutter ranges from 24-64 inches in width and can be used to cut window tint and urethane paint protection films. The film design software gives users access to more than 2,000 window film pattern kits that can be applied on more than 1,000 different vehicles.

Computing the Cut
Solar Gard’s ComputerCut software has been around since 2000, but has adapted and grown to include more services and designs. The software allows users to customize automotive patterns with more than 100,000 Clearshield paint protection patterns, decals, custom graphic designs and glass art designs. According to the company, new patterns are added daily without the need for downloads or upgrade discs. The software includes a pattern editor, support for imported patterns, automotive invoice feature, architectural window planner, a customized database of patterns, multiple languages and operates with almost any plotter on the market.

Oh Snap
OLFA’s latest cutting tool to emerge in the market is the SVR-2 stainless steel, snap-off utility knife and blade. The tool has an automatic slide lock, a built-in pocket clip/blade snapper and a stainless steel blade channel for blade security. According to the company, the tool works well in moist environments and has a slim design. The knife can be used by right- and left-handed people and has a tool-free blade change.

Truly Cutting
Commonwealth Laminating & Coating Inc./SunTek Window Films has released the latest version of TruCut, a paint protection and window film cutting software. The software allows users to cut through the film without leaving behind excessive product waste. According to the company, the software has accurate editing capabilities which allow the user to change patterns to fit the specific needs of an installation. TruCut comes with a library of vehicle patterns, including 2013 vehicle models.

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