Volume 17, Issue 1 - January/February 2013

By Donna Wells

New Year, New Goals

Hello Window Film magazine readers. I hope you had a fabulous holiday season and you got a chance to look back at 2012. Were you able to accomplish everything that you set out to do? Did you grow your business? Have you hired that employee you wanted to bring on board? What goals should be on your list for 2013? Let’s look at a few possibilities and begin setting our new 2013 goals.

When making a New Year’s resolution, think about what you would like to accomplish and, more importantly, what you should accomplish. Many of us might say “I would like to double or triple my revenue.” How will you accomplish that? Do you have a plan? Here are a few ideas to help make 2013 profitable:

Learn Something New in 2013
Why not take a class that may or may not be related to the window film industry? A class will teach new skills or add a new dimension to your life. Taking time to learn something new and different allows for more personal time and reflection. Personal time can help to rejuvenate and offer a clearer perspective on how to deal with work-related issues. You will meet new people who could turn into new clients, friends or both. Expanded social circles and new ideas resulting from this personal time can mean additional opportunities for business promotion. I have always believed that expanding your mind leads to a life filled with happiness. What class have you always wanted to take but never had the time? Find it and enroll; 2013 is the year to take that class.

Promote Your Company on a Regular Basis
Here is a small collection of the most interesting comments I have heard this past year: “I would love to market my business but I am too strapped for cash;” “I am too busy;” “I am too slow;” “I don’t know how to;” “I cannot afford a marketing specialist”… the list goes on and on. Decide on one or two new ways to promote yourself and then stick to them. For example, plan to build a Facebook Business page and allow yourself 20-30 minutes a week to upload new photos. Get clients to check in on the company page and write a review. When it comes to the promotion of your company, you should never be “too” anything and Facebook is free! If someone were to say, “I know how to advertise your company for free” wouldn’t you ask how? If so, say yes to Facebook and devote yourself! It will only help in the end.

Replace the Things That are Not Working
It could be a ladder that is no longer sturdy, a static telephone or even an employee that should have been let go long ago. The New Year is a reason to clean house and clear the slate! So many of us try to make do with what we have instead of spending a few dollars to improve our daily lives. Think about this, faulty equipment can lead to accidents. Unstable or unproductive employees can lead to misery.

Buy Something that Your Staff Will Appreciate
That something doesn’t need to be a major purchase but make it something that you’ve been meaning to buy. It could be new tools for your installers, new computers for your office staff, etc. Buy something that will not only add to team morale, but also add dollars to your pocket in the long run. If employees feel as though you have their backs, they will return the favor. Make 2013 the year for improving business. You just might find that subtle adjustments will make your 2013 the best year ever!

Donna Wells is the division head of the wholesale division at Window Film Depot.

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