Volume 17, Issue 1 - January/February 2013

By Casy Neeley

Make This Your Year

Every January I convince myself, “this is my year.” I make a slew of resolutions—which I rarely keep—and often declare halfway through February that starting the following January it will “definitely be my year.”

I’m realizing this time around that maybe I give up on some of my resolutions a little too easily. Sometimes it’s much easier to let go of the goals I’ve made for myself and set a distant “do-over” date. Right now I’m wondering why I haven’t set that do-over date a lot sooner. How much time have I lost trying to achieve some of my goals just by declaring them a loss too soon and putting off the day when I try again? Not following through on a goal one day, one week, even one month, doesn’t mean I don’t have the capability to pick up where I left off and continue trying, so why don’t I do that more often?

How many company goals have you set then put off because the timing wasn’t right? I’m starting to realize timing is everything.

For instance, the 2012 SEMA Show fell during one of the hardest-hitting hurricanes the East Coast has seen in years. Though Las Vegas wasn’t affected by the storm, many exhibitors agreed show attendance was impacted. The exhibitors didn’t let the storm ruin the show for them, though. Instead, I was fortunate enough to attend an event where everyone exhibiting was not there just out of due diligence, but there to showcase new products they were genuinely excited to have on the market. For more on the SEMA Show, see page 26.

Of the many products highlighted at SEMA, paint protection film (PPF) is certainly going to have a great year. What once served as simply clear bra car protection is now finding applicability in a variety of architectural and appliance markets. If your shop is having trouble marketing PPF, read what industry members foresee as being the top product trends in 2013 on page 24.

As PPF explores new territory this year, Eastman Performance Films vice president Travis Smith sat down with Window Film magazine to discuss his plans for taking LLumar window films to new heights globally. For Smith’s insight into how his chemical company plans to transform LLumar films in 2013, see page 20.

Looking at the multitude of window film opportunities available makes me realize we all have the chance to make this our year. Maybe the timing has been right all along for us to accomplish those goals we’ve been putting off; we just stopped trying too soon. This could be the year your company finally implements that new marketing plan you’ve been putting off or adds PPF to your list of installation services.

With this attitude, there’s no reason why 2013 can’t be our year.

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