Volume 17, Issue 1 - January/February 2013

IWFA Update
by John Parker

Window Film is Worth Noticing

Window film commonly is installed behind the glass, usually on the interior side of the home or office. In many instances it is so visibly clear that many people never notice it.

You may be familiar with the story of the couple that hired a window film installer to work on their luxury residence and then left for vacation. On their return they called their lawyer to sue the dealer for not installing the film. As it turned out it was installed, but the couple didn't notice it, because their home looked the same.

With that story in mind, you can imagine the difficulty we all face in educating consumers about the many benefits of window film. But that is the challenge the International Window Film Association (IWFA) is meeting daily with success. Much of this consumer education has come from consistent behind-the-scenes work with a variety of officials, industry groups, energy firms and media contacts. The number of media impressions about window film now amounts to the tens of millions.

With that foundation in place, in terms of education and outreach, 2013 is the year that window film is going straight to the consumer and stepping out. Even if many of our products are nearly invisible to the untrained eye, people will know about its benefits and once they do they will ask, ‘Where can I get it?’ And once they ask that question, we can easily answer them with the Dealer Locator on the IWFA web site (http://bit.ly/SnIBif).

But how do we get window film into everyday conversations that are taking place on Main Street? Fortunately we have an answer for that as well!

Social media is now as about as Main Street as you can get. Consumers spend an average of eight hours a month on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

This is why the IWFA is now part of the social media conversation. You can now “like us” on Facebook at www.facebook.com/windowfilminfo and follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/iwfainfo.

With buyers increasingly turning to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for the latest insight from authoritative resources, we need to join them in the conversation and use the opportunity to showcase window film in action.

We are sharing information on the benefits of window film on the IWFA Facebook page. This includes articles that carry valuable information on how window film can be a most cost-effective energy saver, protect us from the harmful effect of the sun’s UVA rays and how it is truly a “green” product offering. On our Twitter page we are tweeting the latest news flashes, links to money saving tips and health and safety advice.

Throughout the year we plan on using these important channels for connecting and engaging with people, recommending resources, sharing and identifying expertise and distributing content. Later this year, we will debut IWFA consumer videos for YouTube.

We have our ongoing tradition of educating our target audiences with traditional media. In addition, we will support beneficial legislation at both state and federal levels, along with the many other actions we take in support of our members’ interests.

As we move through 2013, we will be educating people on the value of window film, how it works and what it can accomplish. We believe that window film is one of the most “cost-effective” products in the market and we will underscore this message again and again. This year, please step out and join in the conversation—“like us” on Facebook!

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