Volume 17, Issue 1 - January/February 2013


Would Security Films Have Softened Sandy?
After a series of storms recently rocked the East Coast, consumers are more aware of the need to take measures to protect their homes as well as their own safety. For some customers, weather-resistant window films can provide that security.

As insurance claims numbers continue to roll in following the storms, window film shops can use this opportunity to educate customers on the applicability these films may have for their own homes. While weather-resistant films certainly could not have prevented 100 percent of the claims seen as a result of the storm, they may have helped some consumers with minor claims.

“An application of [a] thick (7+-mil) security film would have been a barrier against the ravages of the untold damage caused [by] the cyclical wind pressures and flying debris that breached the glazing systems of homes and businesses,” said Walt Goode, director of commercial and specialty films for Aegis Films. “Security window film is designed to absorb the impact of the cyclical pressures exerted by hurricane force winds.”

“Extensive testing has shown that security window films can significantly improve the ability of security film coated glazing to withstand impacts and high pressure cycling and thus improve the ability of structures to protect against hurricane-related damages as evidenced by so many during the Hurricane Sandy disaster,” he added.

Window film shops can also encourage customers to install the films by reminding them of the return on the investment they may see as a result of the added security feature.

“State Farm does offer discounts for a variety of methods homeowners can use to reinforce their homes,” said Amy Preddy, spokesperson for State Farm Insurance. “The discount will vary by state and by amount; a local representative can confirm those amounts. We always encourage our customers to increase the security of their homes for their own safety as well as to protect their homes from the elements. There are certainly some areas where that would reflect positively on your insurance premiums.”

Suppliers Invest in Plant Enhancements
Both Madico Window Films and SunTek/Commonwealth Laminating and Coating Inc. (Suntek) have announced major plans for plant renovations.

Suntek has announced its investment of more than $20 million to expand its manufacturing facility and global master distribution center while Madico invested several millions in upgrades to improve energy conservation and process efficiency.

Suntek’s new Martinsville, Va., plant will bring 60 jobs to the area.

“The new Martinsville site will provide essential warehouse and office space, establish a world-wide master distribution center and create a world-class facility for anticipated future factory expansions,” said Steve Phillips, CEO of Suntek in a statement to Window Film magazine.

Madico, too, has been upgrading, investing millions in its St. Petersburg, Fla., manufacturing facility in the way of machinery and overall efficiency.

“Madico Window Films is committed to quality improvements and plans to continue additional upgrades in the near future,” said Shawn Kitchell, vice president of manufacturing for Madico. “We are currently striving to achieve the Class 1000 clean room standards for our manufacturing lines as well as installing automated conveying systems for material transport throughout our facility. As is evident by the recent investment in our facility, we take producing the highest quality products very seriously and will never stop looking for new ways to improve.”

Facility improvements that will be completed during the renovation include multiple equipment upgrades and additions as well as a total overhaul of the raw material receiving and storage facility.

Anti-Fog Systems to Distribute Sabic Films
Anti-Fog Systems has become the exclusive U.S. distributor of Sabic’s (formerly GE Polymershapes) energy-efficient, 4-mil film.

“No one else is selling this product and it is ideally suited as a [service] for window film companies to supply, as it is a similar product and installation process with the added benefits of the anti-fog technology which can be applied to any relatively flat glass or polycarbonate surface,” said Sarah Lee, operations manager for Anti-Fog Systems.

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