Volume 17, Issue 4- July/August 2013

By Donna Wells

Is Your Office a Team?

Since the last issue, several companies have reached out to me and asked how to transform an office staff into an office team. I thought I would approach this subject with a couple of team-building ideas.

In general, most window film companies are family-owned, agreed? Most family-owned businesses have an advantage in team building since the family members are already dedicated to each other. If you hire outside of the family (and many of you do), you need to structure the business so that everyone within the company feels like a part of the crew. Here are some ideas:

Regular office meetings: Everyone must attend. Everyone receives an agenda and everyone sticks to the agenda. Office meetings are NOT the place to air individual problems, but a place to learn about company updates, upcoming events and what is expected of them. It keeps employees moving forward. If the overall office is having an issue with a particular company policy, then you address that particular issue. The team needs to be on the same page. Your office must have employees striving to reach their personal and company-wide goals. If not, it will be filled with unhappiness and difficult moments. Finally, monthly meetings will help clear the air, leading to company unity and eliminating gossip. This is a team-building exercise that should not be dismissed or overlooked.

Unexpected bonus time: I must say, one of the greatest benefits of working for my company is unexpected time off. Everyone loves it! Once in a while, my boss comes into the office on a Friday and says if your work is complete, you can leave early. Well, my work is never complete, but I definitely take advantage of leaving early on a Friday afternoon! When your team works tirelessly, you, as the boss, need to recognize that they need a break. Give your employees a few extra hours of mental cleansing. They will come back to work on Monday feeling ready to take on the tasks at hand and you will be the hero.

Group events: About two to four times a year, plan a group event for everyone in the office to attend. Try an after-work happy hour, dinner, sporting event or a weekend BBQ. The event is about bringing your team together and allowing everyone to step away from the business and relax. When work associates mingle outside of the office and socialize, they see each other in a different light. I used to plan three or four events a year for my group. We went to football games, horse-racing events, the zoo, wine tasting, BBQs at the park, etc. Use your imagination. It does not need to be expensive, just a group outing where everyone gets together for fun and relaxation.

For those of you who have called or emailed me, I hope this helps. Someone once said to me, team means Together Everyone Accomplishes More. The challenge as a business owner is to implement simple changes to achieve company goals and financial success. Good luck!

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