Volume 17, Issue 4- July/August 2013

By Casy Neeley

The Busy Season

Itís the busy season, both for the window film industry and Window Film magazine. In addition to our weekly newsletter and bi-monthly magazine, weíre also prepping for the International Window Film Conference and Tint-Offô (IWFC) in Tampa, which certainly ups the ante for our typical daily workload! While some of you may have days in the coming weeks when youíre ready to pull out your hair (I have some of those myself) here are the best tips I have for time management. While Iím certainly no expert on how to run a business, I do manage to turnover a lot of copy for three (plus) publications all while conducting regular interviews, posting social media updates and, occasionally, finding the time to blog and write my column.

1. Do the easy stuff. Iím sure this sounds like a cop-out but it is one of the biggest timesavers I use. If you can knock it off of your list quickly and painlessly, why not do it? That way you can trim your to-do list substantially, which also makes you feel more productive and less overwhelmed.

2. If it affects someone else, do it now. I donít like to sit on work from one of my colleagues. If Iím handed another editorís article to proofread, I try to do it the second I receive it. If you back up that personís workload, it may eventually come back around to you. I know I like to get my copy back as early as possible so I try to do the same for everyone else. Also, the longer you sit on something, the harder it becomes to tackle. Get it done quickly and it doesnít even have to take up room on the to-do list.

3. Prioritize. Once youíve narrowed down your list to the more substantial ďto dos,Ē figure out which are the most time-sensitive and find a strategy for working on those.

4. Break tasks into chunks. Sometimes there is just no way you can get one of your tasks done on a particular day. There may be, however, the chance that you can get a portion of that task completed. Break down larger, daunting tasks into smaller, more manageable sub-tasks. Start again by checking off the quick-and-easy sub-tasks before moving on to the more substantial responsibilities. Even if you only get a portion of the larger job done, youíre still better off than waiting to do it all at once.

5. Donít be afraid to ask for help. This is the time-management tip with which I struggle. I know, itís easier said than done. Trust me, itís worth utilizing. If the task is too large for you to handle in a time-conscious manner, there is no shame in asking for help. The most important part of doing something is doing it well. If you arenít able to do that alone, set aside your pride and find someone who can help you do it well. I hope these tips help! As we continue to plan and prepare for this yearís IWFC, Iím excited to see all of you in Tampaóat the end of the busy season. WF

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