Volume 17, Issue 4- July/August2013


How Do You…

Help customers select solar film?
Mike Feldman, president of Advanced Film Solutions in Tampa, Fla., explains how he helps customers select solar films:

Prospective clients come in all shapes and sizes. Some are complete neophytes about solar films while others “think” they know everything based on Internet research or advice from their next-door neighbor.

What is Their “Pain?”
Our first objective is determining the type and extent of the problem(s).

The usual suspects are unbearable heat, glare or faded furnishings. Security, privacy and rising electric costs are also frequently mentioned. There are many solutions that will solve their problem; now the goal is to narrow these choices down to the select few.

Show Me the Patient!
I ask to see the room that best demonstrates their troubles. The hotter and brighter the room, the better!

It’s important to determine whether the windows are single-pane, insulating units, etc. This may limit several choices that can create thermal stress issues.

We also determine whether their home is in a deed-restricted community that prohibits reflective films.

We then determine the orientation of the windows. Windows facing east, west or south will determine whether a film will qualify for utility rebates. Tampa Electric, for example, will reimburse a homeowner $2.00 per square foot for west and east facing glass as long as the shading coefficient is .40 or less.

You’re Always Selling
It’s critically important to meet the client’s expectations.

You need to know if it is it important to them that they receive the rebate. Do they have a preference between a reflective appearance or a non-reflective on their glass? There will be trade-offs among these types of films so a balance has to be struck between performance and aesthetics.

On the Glass
Film samples showing the appearance of the film are extremely helpful. The client can determine what the film will look like from both inside and outside his home. These tools become the focal point of discussion when the client makes a decision.

Once clients select their favorite through the process of elimination that “they” have made, they feel good knowing that they made the perfect choice for their home!

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