Volume 17, Issue 2 - March/April 2013

By Donna Wells

Sign of Excellence

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with numerous contractors. Recently I struck up a conversation with the contractor who was wiring the surround sound in my living room and I asked him about his business and how long he had been working in his field. As the hours passed, I started wondering if he knew what he was doing so I asked him when he thought he would be ready to “wrap things up.” He turned to me and said, “Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it. You must autograph your work with excellence every time.”

I stood there for a moment with my jaw dropped, I am sure of it. In all of my years of working with hundreds of contractors, subcontractors, designers and architects I have never heard such a poetic and truthful statement. Truly, I wish I could claim this one.

It led me to think about how I could do a better job every day for my clients. What extra steps could I take to ensure excellence every time? When I hang up the phone or when I walk out the door, I need to ask myself if I provided that client with the highest quality of customer service possible. Was there something extra I could have done to provide that client with the excellence they deserved?

An Extra Thought
Think about a major purchase you’ve made in the past. What did the seller or company do to land that sale? If there were multiple proposals involved, what swayed you to purchase from the particular company or individual ultimately selected? Was it a display of excellence?

A Personal Touch
In general, I receive 30-50 phone calls and approximately 50-75 emails from clients each day. I try to speak to my clients the day they contact me by personally returning every phone call and replying to each email. By personally communicating with each client, I am striving to reach excellence. Some will disagree, thinking it is nuts to try reach out to each client. If you disagree with me, think about this: when the tables are turned and you are the customer, what are your expectations of the person or company striving to gain your business? Do those expectations include a return call or an email reply? I expect these things and assume you do as well.

As 2013 continues, think about the autograph on your work. What impression will clients and staff take away? Remember, a self-portrait is a direct reflection of you and your company. Strive for excellence with each client. WF

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