Volume 17, Issue 2 - March/April 2013

By Casy Neeley

Up for Review

I just had my first employee review here at Key Communications Inc. Don’t worry, it went fine, but it made me think: aren’t we always under review?

In our daily lives, both personally and professionally, we all face some degree of scrutiny for our actions, whether it is positive or negative.

Interactions and tasks you may perceive as minor may actually play a major role in someone’s perception of your overall abilities.

Superiority in selling is one distinction those in the window film industry constantly must work to achieve. Decorative films offer a market in which dealers can hone that skill. Dealer performance is always under consumer review. How you sell your products and services brands you as a company. Read more about what some dealers and suppliers suggest you do to bolster your decorative upsell abilities on page 24.

In addition to installation and sales abilities, consumers frequently review a company’s marketing. Both subconsciously and consciously, consumers are drawn to businesses with catchy marketing campaigns and a strong media presence. Dealers can court social media savvy customers through two newer lead generation sites: Pinterest and Houzz. Become a master “pinner” and learn how to build a “Houzz” on page 30.

Installers will again be critiqued for their tinting performance at this year’s International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™. The Tint-Off will include both the Architectural and Automotive divisions. The competition is still in the planning stages, but registration for both divisions has opened. Sign up to attend and compete on page 34.

Industry trends are also a major point of scrutiny. The Chicago Auto Show provided an opportunity to review how vehicle wrap trends are making their way into mainstream automotive displays and concepts. See what is entering the automotive market on page 38.

One last reminder: feel free to review me as well. I always welcome your emails and phone calls with leads, tips and feedback. This is your magazine and I’m happy to hear your ideas for how our editorial can better reflect your needs. Send me an email at cneeley@glass.com or give me call at 540/720-5584 ext. 120.

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