Volume 17, Issue 2 - March/April 2013

IWFA Update
by John Parker

I “Like” You Too!

Looking out my office window here in suburban Chicago the weather has been a story of deep freezes and fast thaws, from one extreme to another.

It reminds me of the debate as to whether we have global cooling or warming. So when I want to get back to a steady, predictable state, I look out the window again and know that I am not just seeing the “outdoors,” I am also viewing it through the “prism” of window film—and that makes me feel good.

It is that consistency that makes window film such a great product. You put it on and it starts working right away and, years later, it will still be doing the same job, but each day it adds more value as energy costs and other factors change.

That’s how I also feel about the International Window Film Association (IWFA). Each and every day, I know that this great organization is working for my customers and me. The IWFA and all the members involved in supporting the mission are a steady source of comfort and confidence for the future.

This is just one reason why I am proud and humbled to have been elected by my industry peers to serve as its president again for 2013 (for more on IWFA’s newly elected board, see page 18).

Always Improving
While I talk about the IWFA as being a steady ongoing resource that does not mean it’s static—staying in one place. No way! In fact, the IWFA is dynamic and has steadily been moving our industry forward and upward.

I can refer you to our earlier columns on the major successes announced by the IWFA (see Window Film, September/October 2012, pg. 10): placement into the 2014 California Building Code, nationwide approval for big rig use of window film on truck cab side lites, inclusion into the 2012-2013 Federal Tax Credits as an energy efficient product (see pg. 16 for more on tax credits), the co-sponsorship with this magazine of the International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ (see pg. 34 for more in the IWFC), an active and hardworking IWFA board and committees and so much more!

Increasing Awareness
From my office window to my Windows computer screen, I am looking at the IWFA’s dynamic rollout of our new consumer-focused social media communities on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In no time at all, hundreds of consumers are “liking” what they see and getting engaged in social media conversations that often evolve into offline actions in favor of window film.

This new initiative reminds me that the IWFA is cultivating the consumer’s interest in window film and they are giving us the tools to harvest that interest. We can share the content being produced by the IWFA on an ongoing basis, we can become accredited members to rise above the competition and we can share our knowledge of the business so more people become aware of the many benefits of window film.

Be a proud member of the industry and share what you know.

John Parker is the president of the International Window Film Association (IWFA).

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