Volume 17, Issue 2 - March April 2013

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By Manny Hondroulis

Top of the Class

As I enter my sixth year writing for Window Film magazine I think back to why I was asked to be a columnist. A past editor wrote an article about the company websites of various dealers and four of those five websites belonged to dealers my distributorship serves. That ultimately led the editor to ask me to become a columnist. I decided to “return to my roots” and focus this issue’s column on dealer websites.

I need to preface my commentary by saying that my company’s website (www.epdwindowfilm.com) needs a redesign. I’ve been talking about an overhaul among my co-workers for about a year. In fact, I’ve even mentioned the need for one in a previous installment of my column. So much has changed since that 2007 article. The way we search the web has changed. iPhones and other Internet-friendly smartphones, as well as the iPad and other tablets have been introduced. It’s crucial for a website to be mobile-friendly and give users the information needed right away. Here are several window film websites I found which have adapted to new media standards.

Sunray Window Films LLC
Before I discuss what I love about this site, I should say that Sunray Window Films is one of my dealers. Sunray has consistently earned high Google rankings. I have had multiple conversations with owner John Slusnik about his Internet strategy and he consistently updates his website with new content and reads up on how Google ranks sites so that he can modify his website accordingly. The current site seems to incorporate all of the latest trends and technologies. It is well-organized and structured with a simple top navigation bar which does not overwhelm the visitor with too many choices. You can view a movie that explains the value proposition of Sunray. The phone number is found easily at the top left and links to social networking sites are easily found at the bottom. Sunray’s website is also a tool for its referral agents to access as represented by the login link above the company’s logo.

Clearview Sun Control Inc.
I came across this website by way of Google which means the site ranks well. I love the functional yet simple look of the home page, as it is easily viewed on the iPad with minimal scrolling required. Contact information is easy to find and Clearview has links to its social media sites. The animated pictures in the header give the viewer a quick glimpse into the type of work Clearview does. Something that I have never before seen on a window film dealer’s website that I particularly like is the subpage “Price” listed in the top navigation bar. Selecting this page gives the user a price range that the company charges for different types of buildings. If you want more specific information, there is a handy “Cost Estimator” where you can submit your window measurements online.

Scottish Window Tinting
The layout of this website is reminiscent of a newspaper. Content is laid out in boxes and columns without it appearing forced. Informative movies educate visitors about window film and the company. Like the other two websites, contact information is easy to find and there are scrolling photos at the top which are explained by a pop-up caption. I feel that everything I need to know about this company’s products and services is well presented on the home page. There are even video testimonials from happy clients!

These three websites have commonalities (easily found contact information, well-organized, mobile-friendly) yet each has something unique. It is important to take advantage of the latest Internet trends to stay relevant but it is equally important to make your website stand out.

Manny Hondroulis is marketing manager for Energy Performance Distribution in Baltimore.

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