Volume 17, Issue 3 - May/June 2013

By Casy Neeley

Home Improvement

Whenever I sit down to write my column I have the urge to write about Ö whatever I want. Yet I always manage to offer you a glimpse at whatís to come in the issue instead. Iím not doing that this time; this column is going to include a few things I want to talk about.

First, Iím getting ready to move. It is consuming all of my free time. Oh, Iíve moved before, but this time itís into my first house. Like, a real house. And, of course, Iím a girl so all of my free time is spent trying to decide how I want each room to look. I donít even live there yet and I already have all of these grand plans about how Iím going to perfect it. Itís a great house, but I know my plans will make it even better.

I guess thatís how it is with window film, too. The current model is pretty good, but you know you can make it better. Weíre always working to improve something. One thing Iíve noticed is the efforts industry members frequently make to improve the window film business and consumer awareness. As I worked on several of the features for this issue, I realized consumers may not fully understand the complexity or value of window films, but they want to.

While working on a feature focused on school safety (oops, I did it again; check page 40 for more on safety) I realized that many schools and the teachers in them donít quite understand what films can offer, but are ready to learn more about their applications and benefits.

I also toured the Madico plant in St. Petersburg, Fla., recently and talked with their marketing and customer relations manager Angie Leonetti about how little people realize what goes into the process of manufacturing window films. It isnít just a sheet of thin plastic. There is much more to it; layers of technology consumers have yet to fully realize.

As our industry continues to improve its consumer education, I invite all of you to share your ideas for how the industry can gain further product awareness. What steps do you think industry members can take to increase their consumer outreach and further promote window film? Email me at cneeley@glass.com and share your ideas.

And, while weíre on the subject of improvement, my new house has a Florida room with 12 floor-to-ceiling glass panels and a picture window Ö got any suggestions for how I should film it? WF

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