Volume 17, Issue 2 - May/June 2013

IWFA Update
by John Parker

A Shout-out (Salute) to Duty

In North America the window film industry is going at full speed as we enter the late spring and early summer months. It is an exciting time for all of us.

Midway between these two seasons is an important holiday where the community comes together to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to their country: Memorial Day. The town parade is made up of veterans, community volunteers and children, many of whom belong to scout troops or marching bands, each person is helping the community to the best of their ability.

Commitment to a Calling
Memorial Day is a most solemn occasion honoring those who have passed in service to the country. It is also an opportunity to show our pride in the future and our community spirit.

Throughout our industry there are many veterans. They are men and women who have seen active duty or they are reservist or have family serving. Whether they serve as a sense of duty, tradition or other reason, the commitment they make helps us all move into the future.

A Sense of Duty
Duty takes many forms. At the very highest is service to our country and the ultimate sacrifice that some have made. This why we honor them on Memorial Day. At a far lesser scale, but also important, is duty to our industry.

Those that serve our industry in many capacities, whether by training installers to raise industry standards or volunteering on the International Window Film Association’s (IWFA) Members Action Committee, sharing business tips and information with others in the industry or even “rebroadcasting” IWFA news.

A Call to Action
Loyalty to the industry and those who support it has its benefits. As an IWFA member, I refer any business outside my reach or expertise to other members. I also buy from dealer and manufacturer members. As IWFA president, it is a commitment and a duty to my industry, but there also are benefits such as being more professional in my approach to the business and keeping up with the latest developments. I also have the opportunity for input on how we can help the industry as a whole.

The IWFA’s work is, in fact, a year-round mission. The growth of our industry can hinge on the progress the IWFA is making on our behalf. Other recent columns have noted its substantial, groundbreaking developments. The IWFA is uniquely positioned to lift all boats and we should all want to be a part of that effort, and to the best of our ability and resources contribute to it.

I invite you to salute the companies that support the IWFA and help to make it all possible. While we as dealers and distributors do a great deal to move the association forward, I offer a shout-out and salute to the six manufacturers also investing in our future: 3M, Eastman Chemical Co., Hanita Coatings, Johnson Window Films, Madico Window Films and Solar Gard®.

If you are a dealer, distributor or manufacturer that has yet to get involved with the IWFA, start today. You’ll be proud that you did.

John Parker is the president of the International Window Film Association (IWFA).

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