Volume 17, Issue 6- NovemberDecember 2013

By Casey Neeley

I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

I think it’s time I clear the air. When I applied for my current job, all I knew was that I’d be working for a business-to-business publication. When I was informed the topic of my magazine was window film, my first reaction was, “what is that?” After it was explained to me, my second reaction was, “oh, that rough-looking, purple-hued, bubbly stuff on car windows.”

Please accept this as my formal apology. I was one of “those” consumers. I am now, however, reformed.

Within the first few weeks of working on the magazine, I realized I had really gotten this whole “car tinting” business wrong. I knew nothing.

Throughout my re-education I have learned some wonderful things about window film, and honestly, the consumer in me is now dying to get my car windows tinted. I realize that a good tint job is one you don’t even notice. And now, I can’t stop eyeing those purple-green bubbles on the road. I judge them. I judge them harshly.

Beyond the poor deal the car driver has gotten, I judge these tint jobs now because of the unfair reputation they help spread about “tinted windows.” As much hard work as all of you put into educating consumers about the benefits, look and proper installation of window film, it’s frustrating to think that passing just one rough job on the road can ruin a person’s perception.

So take this as a sign of hope. I came here with that stereotypical consumer view of window film, but rest assured, you’ve educated me and helped me see the error of my ways. I’ve definitely changed my mind.

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