Volume 17, Issue 6- November/December 2013

IWFA Update
by John Parker

Are You the Top 10 in 100?

What differentiates one company from another when they both offer a similar product or service? You know the answer already. It’s great customer service, your hands-on experience and industry credibility. In North America there are upwards of 6,000 window film dealers, with more than 5,000 concentrated in the lower 48 states. This means on an average basis, your customers could have about 100-plus dealers from which to pick, in some areas far fewer, and in others far more.

Where Are You?
Are you in the top 10 in 100? Today, for the most part, each dealer is working independently of the other. I say for the most part because there is a cadre of dealers that is part of the International Window Film Association (IWFA). Among our group, there is a smaller group of dealers that has had their staff become accredited by the IWFA.

From the IWFA, our members are picking up smart tips and information they can use in marketing and technical information of which other dealers have no knowledge. They also have the full power of the IWFA behind them and can use it as a resource and a marketing strategy.

On top of this, the IWFA’s website, as of mid-September, has the number one, nonpaid ranking for “window film information” and the top 15 position for the term “window film.” This means consumers and building managers/owners are more likely to check us out.

Think about it, these facts alone make the dealer locator and the consumer information page on the IWFA website more valuable to our members.

Through our network of member dealers, the IWFA is providing the opportunity to learn from one another and the IWFA so they can offer their customers the best customer service, anticipate trends and capitalize on news to be more competitive in their markets. For the bottom line you have to ask, do you have a marketing budget that rivals the IWFA’s?

Over the last decade, the IWFA has worked diligently to better position window film as a cost-effective product with many standards and research documents in place to prove that window films perform as promised. We did this for you!

What We’re Doing
Newcomers to this fantastic business opportunity may not understand what has been done to lay the groundwork for advancement, but I know the history and I am a dealer too.

Once this branding work has been done and new efforts are continually added to further advance our message, the IWFA is turning its attention to getting the good news about window film into our markets.

This effort means contacting publications and associations in the building trades, commercial and residential management, home improvement, energy trades, environmental news and general consumer-focused media outlets around North America.

Broadcasting our message far and wide work continues to advance our industry, and this year we have taken another step to get even closer to consumers and industry members.

In January 2013, we launched our social media program. Here we are speaking one-on-one with people who are seeking information and contacts related to the many benefits that window film has to offer. Our Facebook page has several thousand likings; and our Twitter page has a similar following. YouTube is like the Energizer rabbit that keeps delivering our message 24/7.

Up Next
So now with all of this in place, what’s the next step for the IWFA?

Our next step forward is close the loop by getting information straight to dealers, while at the same time wetting the appetites of consumers and commercial managers who want cost-effective solutions to improve their living and work spaces. This initiative is led by our “hands-on general” Jack Mundy, an IWFA board member and chair of the Members Action Committee. Here are just a few things he shared with me recently: integrated contact with our members; new social media avenues through an IWFA blog; regional meetings that bring best practices and smart information closer to dealers; and expansion of the dealer locator on the IWFA website. Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and joyous season of sharing with family and friends!

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