Volume 17, Issue 6- November/December 2013

How Do You…

Market window film during the holidays?

Kevin Koval, owner of Carmel, Ind.-based Solaris told Window Film magazine how he markets film during the holiday season.

The holidays are the perfect time to tweak your marketing message. Fade protection becomes our major focus during the winter months particularly on southern exposures with the sun tracking lower in the sky. Enhancing winter heat retention and comfort with low-E films is another great message during this time of year. Our low-E film sales are increasing dramatically each year improving our winter business flow.

As business slows a bit during the fall it offers the perfect time to reflect on what was effective with our marketing over the past year and create the new marketing calendar for 2014. We have a simple spreadsheet tracking where every lead and closed sale originated, telling us exactly what our efforts and money are producing. Based on these numbers we can make an educated decision for our marketing plan. Making it easier for potential clients to find us and obtain a proposal quickly via online quotes, text communication and quick follow up have all helped convert sales.

With a few more hours a week to spare during the holidays, I also spend time networking. I split time catching up with partners who have referred us business and making new connections with similar business professionals. Thanking these partners and our clients for their business helps keep us top of mind, increasing our referral marketing business. It also helps us serve our clients by having a list of trusted professionals we can refer when our client has a need.

Do This:
“A bonus buy is a smart way to team up with other companies in the area. You could pair with a car alarm company or a detail company and offer a package. For example, ‘spend $300 on automotive window film and receive a complimentary detail on your vehicle.’ The detail company could offer a complete detail for $200 with a bonus lure of $50 off vehicle window film. Or, you could team up with a window washing company and offer a discount on each service when both are purchased.”
—Donna Wells, division head of the wholesale division of Window Film Depot and Window Film magazine columnist.

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