Volume 17, Issue 5- September/October 2013

By Casy Neeley

An Anniversary

Itís hard to believe Iíve been a part of this industry for a year. It feels like just yesterday I was attending my first International Window Film Conference and Tint-Offô (IWFC) with all of you. But it wasnít just yesterday. In our time together, weíve both come a long way.

When I arrived in Louisville, Ky., one year ago for my first window film trade show I was terrified. I had started at this magazine just weeks before the 2012 IWFC; I barely knew any of you and truly didnít know what to expect. Would you be welcoming and kind or would I just be some new editor to tolerate? Many of you put my fears to rest early on, and I canít thank you enough. Whether it was simply being kind enough to answer my questions for features and newscasts or curious enough to ask me about my work, youíve done nothing but make me feel like a part of the window film community.

In the months that followed, you continued to welcome me and work with me. Together, weíve seen a change in some of the design and layout of the magazine; welcomed a new columnist, Hann Kim; and added a new department, Tint Tips. Our e-newsletter has grown from a bi-weekly publication to a weekly publication and the website has more traffic than ever.

Your suggestions and feedback, openness and curiosity have helped me work toward shaping and refining Window Film into something you want to pick up each issue and something Iím proud to write.

As weíve grown together over the past 12 months, Iíve seen an industry united in its desire to raise consumer awareness. I can tell you by the quality of leads Iíve gathered since my first weeks here, your efforts are working. Youíd be surprised over the course of this year how less often I have to explain what window film is to people who ask what I do.

When I see all of you at the 2013 IWFC in Tampa, Fla., Iím not going to be the same nervous newbie you first met. But then, you wonít be the same evolving industry I first saw, either.

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