Volume 17, Issue 5- September/October 2013

IWFA Update
by John Parker

The One-Two Punch

This is a great time of year. The fall season and Labor Day offer a refreshing change from the heat of the summer. It’s a chance to pause from the break-neck pace that I hear many of our dealer and installers have experienced this season, so we can look up and see what’s ahead, then get back to the job at hand.

By spending time speaking to our members, I am learning that business is pretty sturdy and that spending on high performance window films is another strong trend. Information from the remodeling industry supports my anecdotal reports. In fact, Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies says that spending by homeowners on sustainable renovation projects will accelerate through 2014 to the point that we’ll end the year with $150.1 billion in spending, up 20 percent from last year’s total.

Evolving Views
With window film often in the media limelight, more consumers, and especially commercial building managers, are eyeing window film as a smart way to give longer life to their windows and save energy. But don’t take this fact for granted.

Dealers who have opened their doors in the last five years may not see the big change in how window film is viewed as compared to those who have been on the scaffolds for over a decade. The credibility that window film now enjoys as a valuable retrofit is not just a “lucky break.” The high regard that window film enjoys today is the result of a dogged industry and International Window Film Association (IWFA) program of educating our communities at all levels as to what window film can and cannot do. Today, window film is seen in a positive light.

Striving to Educate
While we are working diligently to service our customers, the IWFA is working as hard, and even harder, to educate editors and reporters at important publications and working strategically with commissions, authorities, building code regulators and legislators to ensure that the value of window film rises to the top.

With the energy savings and passive energy building programs becoming increasingly important, the cost effectiveness of window film cannot be overlooked. Credit also needs to be given to our manufacturers, many of who are IWFA members, for bringing to market next generation window films that deliver exactly what the customer wants and more.

Fighting to the Top
By knocking down cooling costs in the double digits, reducing energy loss and making glass safer for building and automobile occupants, window film is an important product that is on the upward curve of a long-term growth trend. This dual approach to the market, with the IWFA education of consumers about the value of window film at the same time manufacturers continue offering innovative window films results in a one-two punch that will make us all winners.

In a salute to my own youth and to our future success, I revisit an iconic film that debuted 45 years ago in December of 1967, The Graduate, where the sage advice to a young actor named Dustin Hoffman was, “There’s a great future in plastics.” Need I say more? Window film has a great future!

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