Volume 17, Issue 5- September/October 2013

Installer Perspective
By Hann Kim

Rules of Engagement

The growth and popularity of the International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ (IWFC) competition has reached epic proportions and we are now witnessing some of the most talented installers performing at the highest level on the largest stage for some serious cash and prizes. The Tint-Off portion of IWFC will be the most highly anticipated event to take place in Tampa, Fla., for the entire window film industry. Competitors traveling from all across the nation, and some from other countries, will try and claim top honor as the World’s Best Architectural or Automotive Window Film Tinter.

What to Expect
Stress levels will reach epic proportions as well, and winning will not be an easy accomplishment, considering the best of the best are all competing. You will have regional winners and sponsored competitors hand-picked by manufactures. You will also have local and smaller markets paying the registration fees because they also want to compete against the best. Manufactures are rooting for their installers so they can claim their films are installed by the best. Some serious attitude and arrogance flying around the room can also be expected and you may start to wonder if you have what it takes.

How to Prepare
If you thought this competition was just about your trade experience, guess again, because that would be too easy; you better bring a strong mental focus to succeed during the heats. If you want to compete with the best here are my “rules of engagement.”
1. Know you are there because you are the best regardless what others say;
2. Know you have the experience and tools to compete at the highest level;
3. Do not engage with your emotions, insecurity or negativity;
4. Do not pay attention to what is going on around you;
5. Stay calm, take deep breaths and focus on getting the job done.

These are some of the rules I applied to help me get named as the 2012 World’s Best Architectural Window Film Tinter.

I hope this will help you prepare for this year’s Tint-Off. I’m looking forward to seeing and competing with all of you this year in Tampa. wf

Hann Kim is the CEO of STM (Solar Transmission Management) in Los Angeles

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