Volume 18, Issue 6 - November/December 2014

Marketing News
Edited by Chris Daigle


Add These Services and Sell Them Too

In my 15 years in the tinting industry, I have seen trends come and go. Now, as a business owner, I recognize the need for shops to offer the services that are “in style” and to know how to sell them. I have been attempting to build my business into the premier window tinting company in the New Orleans area and am happy with the results, but it is a never-ending process. Over the years, and due to customer demand, we have added different services like glass restoration, windshield protection film, paint protection film and vehicle wrapping.

The wrapping industry has definitely evolved just in the last two years. Before this evolution, in order to offer someone this service, you would need very expensive machinery, design consultation sessions and … did I mention design consultation sessions? At the time, no one was getting a personal vehicle wrapped. The only wrapped vehicles were commercial vehicles with the custom-designed advertisings.

Now, there are awesome wraps right out of the box that can give an amazing appearance with minimum effort. It’s an easy service to add to any restyling company, but I want to warn the newcomers: just like window tint, there are some really good wrap films and some not so good for a few different reasons. I recommend looking up product reviews from third-party sites before buying. I also advise you to get installation training through your distributor or through FELLERS—that’s where all your successful guys come from. If you take that class, you’ll know what you’re doing.

One exciting product we recently started to utilize is called ClearPlex. It is a clear windshield film that is applied to the outside surface of a vehicle’s front windshield. This film absorbs impacts that usually break glass and is backed by a windshield replacement insurance policy if the glass is damaged while the film is installed. I highly recommend you sell this film to a customer with an exotic or luxury vehicle, since the replacement of the glass will be at least $1,000 and will always be covered by the film’s insurance policy.

Clear infrared rejection films are getting more and more popular in automotive tinting than ever. Not only that, but infrared rays are where half of the sun’s heat can come from. When a customer comes into the shop asking about window tint, you have to ask them the right questions.

• How long do you plan on keeping this vehicle?

• Are you getting tint mainly for looks or do you want to keep your car cooler?

• Have you ever thought about putting a clear tint on your front windshield so the dash doesn’t get hot and negate the effect of the film?

There is so much money being left on the table at tint shops all across the country simply because the shop owners are not comfortable asking their customers for more money. Every market has to deal with the $99 tint shop, but no one should have to compete with them. Hold yourself above the others with exclusive products that no one else in your area can carry.


Chris Daigle is the owner and operator of Snappy Tint in New Orleans, La.

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