Volume 18, Issue 5 - September/October 2014

By Casey Flores


Top Ways To Be On Top

Though this is the second-annual Window Film Magazine Top Dealers edition, it’s my first one. My editorial director once said, “As journalists, we pride ourselves on our professional expertise and we also are proud of the knowledge we will gain, from covering this industry.”

Through chronicling what it takes to be a Window Film Magazine Dealer on the Rise, I’ve amassed a wealth of business knowledge, though some has been contradictory.

Some film shops advertise. Others don’t. And some are cautious of the competition while others aren’t so much.

Take, for example, Sonny’s Glass Tinting in Saugus, Mass., who just missed our list. Sonny Fisher was one of the first people to install Madico Window Films and has been in the industry more than 40 years.

According to his company website, Sonny traveled throughout the United States installing Madico films and helped create a dealer network by teaching others how to install window film. Because of his experience, Sonny was quickly on top.

“In the late 70s and early 80s we installed film on 13 highrise buildings in New York City… We filmed all the exterior windows in both the Prudential Tower and the John Hancock Tower in Boston … We are the ‘Tinters of the Tallest Buildings in New England.’ Sonny personally squeegeed all 10,344 windows at the Hancock tower, and he was known as ‘Mr. Squeegee’ by Madico at that time,” says George Fisher, Sonny’s brother who now runs the company.

The job has been a source of revenue for Sonny’s ever since.

“We go there all the time. In the next two weeks we’re redoing a whole floor of the building so we’re always there working. We do probably two or three floors a year,” says George.

By having been in business so long, Sonny’s is often the go-to tint company for the greater Boston area.

“Because it’s not hot weather, it’s harder to have competition … for the most part it’s harder for others to start up here but because we started a long time ago … the contractors call us because they know us,” George says.

Others have been afraid that once we publish their secrets, the competition would pounce.

“Once these things go out, everyone in the [market] is going to set their targets on … us … that’s normal, that’s what I’d do,” said one top dealer. And yet he shared.

So inside this issue (see page 34) are the top ways a few companies have become Dealers on the Rise. Did they miss anything? Are you trying anything out of the ordinary that is helping expand your business? If so, and you’d like to share, email me at cflores@glass.com.

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