Volume 18, Issue 5 - September/October 2014

New Products and Services
edited by Casey Flores


with Ultimate

Arlon Graphics has introduced Ultimate PremiumPlus, an adhesive-backed film designed to decorate retail and corporate environments with consistency across multiple locations.

The film comes in many colors and features texture alternatives as well. These finishes provide a high-end appearance. It is applicable to curves, formed surfaces and other various substrates.

In addition, Ultimate PremiumPlus was awarded “Best New Product” at the Society for Experiential Graphic Design 2014 NEXPO Conference in Atlanta, Ga., the annual conference for “experiential graphic design.”

www.ultimatepremium plus.com

It’s Got That Cling

Plastiprint has developed PlastiCling PVC-free cling film. It is an easily-installable cling film ideal for window decoration, advertising graphics, point of purchase signage, labels and protective overlay film purposes, especially for electronic device screen protection applications, according to the company. The copolymer cling coating allows for quick installation and leaves no residue behind. The clear PVC-free cling film provides optical clarity making it ideal for high quality window graphics.

According to the company, the clear polyester construction makes the media more eco-friendly than cling PVC vinyl due to its recyclability (PET #5) and lack of plasticizers. It has a two-year shelf life and is made in the USA.


Paint Protection that Promises

The new product offers a flexible, clear top coat that stretches, making it easy to install and reposition, according to the company. The new film also enables faster cutting with less scrap. It exhibits high-quality scratch-and-stain resistance, making it easier to clean and hard to scratch. The film also has self-healing properties, which allow minor scratches to disappear by themselves.
It is virtually invisible on a vehicle and demonstrates high durability, resistance to yellowing and cracking. Scotchgard Pro Series is also maintenance-free, so customers can wash and wax their vehicles as they normally would, the company adds.


Your Building

Eastman Chemical Company unveiled its expanded LLumar iLLusions decorative window film line at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Convention in earlier this year.

Eastman says the product can be used to create a mood, address a functional concern, or define a space. The film is available in a number of different colors, patterns, textures and specialty designs. Eastman says it is durable but removable, so it can change along with the design requirements of commercial building professionals.
It can mask light, boost visual interest in retail and gathering spaces, disguise clutter and hide unattractive areas and add privacy without eliminating light and views completely, the company says.


Give Me a Sign

Gravograph has released GravoStyle 7, the latest version of its software for laser and rotary engraving machines. It offers multiple features that allow it to engrave for industrial, signage and personalization purposes.
The company says it simplifies the lazering process by integrating machining parameters pre-defined for a wide variety of materials.


Glass Can’t Pass

Surface Armor’s new, shatter-resistant window film is designed to protect building occupants and property.
Named Blast Armor, the film offers a permanent, easy-to-install barrier that creates safety instantly in unexpected scenarios according to the company. The film is cut to fit the size of the customer’s windows and once it’s applied, it will immediately create a flexible barrier that will prevent glass shards from flying.

Blast Armor also provides customers with aesthetic and energy-saving features. The film blocks out most UV rays, which prevents the sun from causing carpeting and upholstery damage. In addition, the film reduces heat transfer by up to 7 percent, saving on energy costs.




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