by Mike Feldman  
Ah, Blissful Retirement  
s a former corporate guy  
who spent 33 years with  
a major multinational com-  
pany, my rather early retirement  
wasn’t exactly well-planned.  
Let’s just say that the news of  
this early retirement was a sur-  
prise, so I had to get resourceful  
and create alternatives.  
Starting my own window film  
dealership seemed like a good idea  
at that time (nine years ago), and  
despite facing the worst econo-  
my since the Great Depression and  
without any major hurricanes in  
Florida since 2005, we’ve done rath-  
er well comparatively speaking.  
Running a window film business  
is a lot different from being a cor-  
porate guy with an American flag  
pin and company logo on my suit  
Small-business owners certain-  
ly don’t get a steady paycheck  
with IRA deductions built into  
their compensation plan like you  
do from a Fortune 500 company. just be the best move you’ve ever dom should be second nature,  
Once you have established your made, and as a “retirement plan,” there is still a constant battle to  
business, and have a reasonable it can be the most lucrative option. stay profitable, remain steadfast  
expectation that you’ll survive and  
sustain that business, you should for the weak of heart or mind. cess, meet our customer’s expec-  
start planning for your future. The safety net that corporate folks tations and help my employees  
Retirement experts are readi- enjoy isn’t available to mom-and- reach their best standard of living.  
ly available, and financial wealth pop window film companies. As a Even with that, I can’t really  
But being self-employed is not and passionate about driving suc-  
planners seem abundant based on business owner, the financial via- imagine being completely retired,  
the number of e-mails and phone bility of your company requires and it’s not just about the money.  
calls I receive on a daily basis.  
I’ve chosen to be very conserva-  
total commitment. It’s the competitive edge that  
You’ll be responsible for payroll, keeps my heart ticking—which is  
tive by rolling over my corporate cash flow, accounts payable and certainly a positive thing!  
IRA into a conservative IRA with a receivable and, in many instances, So as for me, I’m not going to sail  
employee insurance and guidance. off into that long night of retire-  
In the “real world” of window ment if I can possibly help it. WF  
private financial institution.  
For my corporate friends, I rec-  
ommend that you consider becom- tinting, we have to be committed to  
ing an independent entrepreneur our businesses like bacon is to pig. Mike Feldman is the president of Advanced  
if you have the right stuff. It may  
At my advanced age, where wis- Film Solutions in New Port Richey, Fla.  
WindoW Film