by Jeremy Dobbins  
Good” Isn’t Enough  
ome people pride themselves  
on providing value and out-  
standing customer service—  
and that’s good … but it’s not good  
I can’t tell you how many web-  
sites or sales pitches I’ve seen that  
start with how good a company’s  
service is and how much value  
it offers. In fact, my own com-  
pany’s website has a line about  
outstanding customer service, so  
we’re guilty as charged. It’s now,  
however, getting to the point that  
the claims make my eyes roll.  
Offering window washing is one way to differentiate yourself from  
competitors’ standard offerings.  
Consider the Essentials  
Almost every sale must address  
the following items:  
at restaurant or bought a prod- Explain in detail why you’re dif-  
uct and didn’t expect the custom- ferent from other providers. What  
er service and final results to be offerings do you have that are dif-  
The idea of picking another perfect? If you’re spending money, ferent and better than your compe-  
provider. you expect a lot in return. In reality, tition? Talk about those.  
Eventually, most sales come your customers already know if you  
The customer’s budget;  
Your competition’s prices; and  
down to price. If you want the work, have good service or not, and that’s Add Some Value  
you’ll have to compete on price. probably why they’re speaking with  
Another bonus is if you have  
How does this happen every single you. They’ve done all their research additional services.  
time? You tried to explain to the online before they even called.  
Many window film companies  
customer about your service and  
So if quality and service are no have started offering extensive  
the pride you take in your work- longer enough to attract your cus- decorative and signage solutions—  
manship, but the customer hums tomers, what are you to do?  
the same old tune. Here’s why.  
does your competition? Consider  
offering window washing services  
along with your window film ser-  
No Pain, No Gain  
They Expect “Good”  
Talk about what pains them. vice. Highlight these—they will  
Your customer has heard the Figure out the problems they’re help you stand out.  
same story from everyone they’ve facing and engage the customer  
Curing customers’ pain, highlight-  
talked to. They’ve heard it so many around that. If you can make some- ing differences among you and your  
times that you and everyone else one’s pain go away, they’re much competition and talking about your  
has become a commodity. Sure, more likely to do business with additional products—these quickly  
you may have had some wins over you. And when discussing solu- are replacing what companies can  
the years with your customer-ser- tions, be sure to leave all the indus- offer in terms of “value” and “quali-  
vice-focused sales pitches, but so try jargon out.  
have all your competitors. Another way to position your  
ty customer service.”  
Good service is to be expected. company above your competi- Jeremy Dobbins is the CEO of ClimatePro  
When was the last time you ate tion is by highlighting differences. in Santa Rosa, Calif.  
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