by Manny Hondroulis  
Growing Pains  
n my last column, I mentioned  
my purchase of a new iMac com-  
puter, my first non-PC in more  
than 15 years. After using my new  
desktop for two months, it has cer-  
tainly been an adjustment. Frankly,  
my reviews are mixed.  
easy to use. They’ve been known  
for this since their debut more  
than 30 years ago—and deservedly  
so. Simply put, they are intuitive  
to any individual. But to someone  
who has become accustomed to  
Windows-based machines for so takes an extra two seconds on this Windows and the ability to transfer  
long, certain aspects are confusing. thing!  
Locating files seems a bit more es automatically. Its functionality  
difficult as well. Windows- was difficult. Now, synching the  
For example, opening and clos- based machine presents you with music on all three devices is easy.  
ing windows as well as switch- options, intuitive navigation, and Third, the Mac is highly flexi-  
music back and forth among devic-  
The Negatives  
ing among applications is more a big screen to see the directo- ble. Upon reading my last column,  
difficult. I now have to stop and ry. None of that is on my Mac. Debra Levy, publisher of WindoW  
think when navigating my screen. Perhaps there are some customiz- Film Magazine, emailed to congrat-  
Also, keyboard shortcuts, such as able options that will allow me the ulate me on my purchase. She, too,  
copying and pasting, are difficult. same luxuries. But if they exist, I is a dual-user. She informed me that  
Control C or Control V, respective- haven’t yet found them.  
Microsoft sells a program called  
ly, don’t do anything. I then rethink Of course, it’s not all bad. Apple Office for Mac that costs less than  
the process and realize that it is, wouldn’t be one of the world’s $100 and lets you run all your favor-  
instead, Command C or Command most valuable companies enjoying ite Office applications as if you were  
V. You might think those are little high customer loyalty if its prod- using your PC. That’s a great solu-  
issues, and they are. But to some- ucts weren’t any good. So what are tion, because I’m not yet comfort-  
one who wants to compute rap- the good points?  
idly, even the slightest slowdown  
able with Apple’s versions of Word,  
Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.  
There are pros and cons to every-  
can reduce productivity and create The Positives  
frustration. Surely with a little time  
First, I love how the iMac inte- thing. And any time you change  
I’ll overcome the discrepancies grates so nicely with my iPhone something, there is an adjustment  
and master the navigation and cor- and iPad. It’s absolutely seam- period. The situation of Mac ver-  
rect keystrokes.  
less! Every time an appointment sus PC is no different, and the truth  
It’s also slower than my Lenovo approaches or I receive a text mes- is I haven’t even begun to explore  
laptop. Opening and closing appli- sage, three warnings come to me— or push the limits of this iMac. The  
cations seems to take longer. That one on each device—to prevent more this happens, the more likely  
doesn’t make sense to me consid- me from missing it.  
ering I purchased a fast iMac and Second, managing music through  
I am to be impressed with it. WF  
am comparing it to a one-year-old iTunes has never been easier. I Manny Hondroulis is the vice president of  
laptop. Launching Google Chrome was never impressed by iTunes for Energy Products Distribution in Baltimore.  
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