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Step 4: Measure and cut sections of  
the attachment profile to the required length.  
Remember, “measure twice, cut once.”  
Step 7: Pull back the elite section  
next to the glass, remove a small section of  
release liner and tape in place. Repeat this step  
above between the film surface and the elite.  
Continue the process until the installation is complete.  
Repeat steps 5-7 for the opposite side.  
Step 5:  
Step 8:  
Starting with the vertical  
frame side, pull back a  
small section of the release  
liner (1 to 2 inches long)  
Cut to length and shape  
to fit the horizontal  
frame side and fit in  
the same manner as  
and place in position, level with the  
above, paying close attention to the  
cut and fit around the previously  
installed section.  
marked pencil line. Continue to pull  
out small sections (6 to 9 inches long)  
of the release liner and tape to the  
frame in alignment with the pencil line.  
Make sure that you do not touch  
the bare tape with your fingers—  
oily residue will damage the tape.  
Step 6:  
Using the appli-  
cator (instal-  
lation tool),  
apply constant  
And that’s it! You have a more  
secure, professionally installed  
attachment solution. Your custom-  
er will be more secure with it—and  
and adequate pressure to  
the anchoring. This will  
force out air bubbles and  
ensuring the best possible  
adhesion between the  
frame surface and the  
elite anchoring.  
thank you for it.  
Sarah Ortiz is an account executive at  
Pentagon Protection.  
July/August 2016  
WindoW Film  
Marketing Advice by Sarah Ortiz  
Security Attachments: A How-To  
am seeing more and more ques- windows. Why not tell them that you for anyone to enter the window once  
tions on social media sites about can slow down burglars even more the glass is broken.  
attachment systems. Some say as well as prevent a lot of clean-up  
attachments are too difficult to inside their property in the event of grab protection products out there.  
install and to stay away from using a break-in through an attachment They are government-listed, pass  
them. Others have never done a system?  
safety film installation and are look- Attachment systems pick up testing and provide a great-looking  
There are some great smash-and-  
General Services Administration  
ing for education about what to use where film leaves off. Simply put, finish when installed. Also, after  
and how to apply. Attachment sys- they attach the film to the window installing security film and allowing  
tems are a great sell to your clients. frame. This means they hold the film it to cure for at least 24 hours (and  
After all, you are most likely already in place after it breaks, preventing it’s completely dry), you’re ready  
speaking to them about safety films glass shards from falling into the to apply an attachment system.  
and the benefits of securing their building and making it more difficult Here’s how:  
Step 1:  
Clean the film  
and the frame  
with isopro-  
pyl alcohol  
Step 3:  
an accurate pencil  
guideline on the frame.  
The distance from the  
edge of the gasket to  
Using the guide, draw  
(90 percent  
concentration) using  
fresh, lint-free rags. The  
tape will not adhere to  
oily or dusty surfaces,  
silicon or rubber con-  
tamination, or porous  
the line should be the same width  
as the elite leg to be installed on the  
frame (approximately /16 of an inch).  
with a small  
section of  
the anchoring  
system profile, or use  
an adjustable 90-degree  
square angle instead.  
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WindoW Film