by Chuck Bankoff  
Interns, Staff or Pros?  
enerating leads consistent-  
ly from the Internet doesn’t between maintaining the content knowledge, business acumen and  
happen by accident. on an existing website and devel- visual aptitude. The challenge is  
Someone has to be in charge. You oping and executing an actual that most individuals have a max-  
need a great website that inspires digital marketing strategy. Simple imum of two out of three of these  
confidence in your products and content updates can be handled traits. That may present you with  
services, and you need that web- by an intern or staff member some interesting choices. Should  
site to be found at the moment on a part-time basis. When it you use multiple internal resourc-  
big difference requires elements of technical  
your customers are looking.  
comes down to actual marketing es? Or outsource to a professional  
To do that, you can hire an or design, whomever takes on agency that already has its team in  
intern, hand it off to your staff or the job (novice or professional) place? Maybe you’ll need a combi-  
work with a professional. Each of should have an appropriate work- nation of the two.  
these choices has their own unique ing background.  
Here are your different options  
advantages and repercussions.  
Successful internet marketing for marketing:  
Option 1: Staff it Out  
Option 3:  
The obvious place to start is with those who work for you already.It’s tempt-  
ing, but be sure to think this one through.  
Outsource to an Agency  
Disclaimer: I manage a digital  
marketing agency specializing in the  
glass industry, so if I come off biased  
in favor of this solution, now you  
know why.  
They already work for you, so it’s the path of least resistance. Current  
employees probably know the industry (or at least their part of it), which is a  
good thing.  
But do they actually have the time, aptitude and marketing knowledge? Also  
keep in mind this may become a part-time effort because it’s not their“real job.”  
Sometimes your employee will view this new assignment as a vote of confi-  
dence and rise to the occasion. Or they might see it as extra work with little  
incentive for them to do more than make a passable effort.  
The biggest issue, though, is knowledge. Just because you put someone in  
charge of internet marketing doesn’t make them an internet marketer. Blogs,  
webinars, guides, actual classroom instruction and hands-on practice is how  
most people get skills.The knowledge is out there if you’re willing to absorb  
their learning curve and are comfortable with unclear results.  
Agencies can offer expertise, scal-  
ability and time savings, and they can  
keep you from making expensive mis-  
takes. But not all agencies are created  
equal. Some have more success than  
others. Some may even have experi-  
ence in your industry.  
Here’s what to look for when  
What does their online reputa-  
tion look like?  
Option 2: Hire an Intern  
• Do they show up in the search  
engines themselves?  
• Do they have any marketing expe-  
rience in your industry or similar  
Interns are cost-effective but mostly come on board to practice and learn.By  
definition, that makes them inexperienced and a possible liability to your com-  
pany image.This could be a great low-cost solution if all you need is someone  
who knows your business and maintains your website.  
Not all interns are created equal. Before you go hiring your nephew because  
he’s got more followers than you,realize that this person will have an influence on  
your company. Don’t confuse the comfort of technology with business acumen.  
A college student looking to practice what they are learning in school is a bet-  
ter choice. Since they’re going to be looking for a professional marketing career,  
they’ll be more motivated and prone to absorbing the learning curve on their  
own time. Just keep in mind that they’re not professionals yet.  
The advantage of working with a  
professional marketing team is typi-  
cally broad knowledge,deep resourc-  
es and the big picture to coordinate  
and manage the campaigns.  
The disadvantage is that this  
option can get pricey.  
WindoW Film  
The Deciding Factors  
Option 4:  
Make your decision based on the  
desired result, not perceived cost. Look  
for value, but don’t shop on price alone.  
Do the math—if you can hire a profes-  
sional team for a year for the same or  
less than what you would pay an employee  
for a year, it’s probably better to save the  
Collaborate with an Agency  
There’s a hybrid option that has been effective for some of the shops  
with which we’ve worked. On occasion, the company assigns one of their  
employees to work with us under our direction.We handle all the strategy  
and technical stuff and assign their staff member certain tasks within their  
skill level, such as basic blogging and content curation. In essence, we treat  
their employee as our intern.This allows us to reduce our fees proportion-  
ally as we do the heavy lifting, and their employee takes over some of the  
menial chores.  
learning curve.  
Chuck Bankoff is director of web services for  
Kreative Webworks,a digital marketing agency  
in Southern California specializing in the glass  
and related industries. He can be reached at  
Again,there can be disadvantages if you go this route.For example,some  
employees may not appreciate the extra workload or being told what to  
do by a third party.  
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