othing is sweeter than the moment about five tint installations a day,” says Alberto  
you realize gas prices are lower Clarke, owner of Tint Lab in Fredericksburg, Va. For  
than they were the day before. It’s a standard-film installation on a four-door sedan,  
instant gratification, and an imme- Clarke charges $189, and a small SUV rounds to  
diate understanding of what this $225. That’s only a $36 difference, but putting these  
could mean for the future of your numbers in play, that $36 dollars multiplies quickly.  
tint shop or window-film business—more money  
“I typically see more sedans and trucks, but I defi-  
coming through your shop’s doors and more profit nitely wouldn’t mind more SUVs,” explains Clarke.  
staying there.  
If two out of every five installations a day are small  
Studies show there is a correlation that this saved SUVs, the amount of money a shop earns through  
gas money may be going to consumer spending in tint installations alone would total $5,085 a week.  
the automotive industry. Years of low gas prices That’s a $360 a week increase over what it earns for  
often are followed by an increase in tint sales. So tinting to all five sedans and trucks. At the end of  
with this extra cash—what type of vehicles are con- the month, tint shops would see an extra $1,440 in  
sumers buying?  
sales—or $17,280 a year.  
According to Alec Gutierrez, senior analyst for  
Kelley Blue Book, when consumer confidence is  
high, people tend to purchase less fuel-efficient  
The Future of Gas Prices  
Don’t expect gas prices to remain this low,  
vehicles. The opposite is true when prices are at an though. According to the U.S. Energy Information  
all-time high—that’s when more of those fuel-effi- Administration (EIA), regular fuel prices are fore-  
cient cars are purchased. Josh Buis, chief operating cast to be an average of $2.26 per gallon in 2017—an  
officer of Scorpion Window Film, confirms that gas 18-cent increase compared to the predicted average  
prices have a huge impact on his business.  
for 2016. However, research suggests the increase  
The main thing that affects our sales is the type may not be significant enough to have an impact on  
of cars consumers are buying,” he says. “What they small SUVs and crossover sales since they are con-  
buy is a direct response to the price of gas at that tinuing to see growth (a 16-percent increase from  
time. When gas prices are at an all-time high, cus- end of year 2014 to end of year 2015).  
tomers want small cars with high gas mileage. Small  
cars don’t have as much glass to be tinted as SUVs to rise and fall with low and high gas prices, small  
and large trucks.” SUVs and crossovers steadily make progress, offer-  
Though sales of trucks and passenger cars seem  
Luckily for window film shops, today’s low gas ing consumers the best of both worlds—utility and  
prices may mean larger vehicles in the shop in the efficiency. They also offer tinters more windows.  
coming months.  
Phong Ly, CEO of, says, “Part of  
Tint prices across the country for a sedan can the reason for the difference in SUV buyer behavior  
run anywhere between $100 to $600, depending on compared with pickup trucks might be that this seg-  
how many windows are being filmed and the type of ment is closer in fuel efficiency to passenger cars  
film being used. A four-door sedan averages around than pickups.”  
200 for a four-window standard-film installation,  
According to a study done by the company over a  
whereas an SUV (including vans and crossovers) three-year period, for every dollar decreased in gas  
can rake in $200 to $800, averaging $275 (standard prices equates to an increase in SUV and crossover  
film), depending on size, number of windows and sales of .7 percent. That demonstrates the unchang-  
type of film, according to national consumer reports ing buyers’ market for those vehicles.  
on Angie’s List and the Cost Helper websites.  
I can get nine vehicles in, but on average, I do  
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WindoW Film  
When gas  
prices are  
low, tinting  
are high.  
by Katherine Coig  
November/December 2016  
WiNDoW Film  
CconAtinSuedHfromINpagGe 25 IN  
New Sedans for 2017  
Audi A4  
Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback  
Chevrolet Sonic  
Ford Fusion  
New Kids on the Block  
As 2016 comes to a close, a new vehicle class is ready to  
hit the streets. From luxury sport sedans to utility trucks  
and everything in between, at least 50 new models will be in  
production next year from 28 manufacturers. Meet some of the  
most anticipated rides of 2017, broken down into categories.  
Hyundai Elantra  
Kia Cadenza  
Nissan GT-R  
Mitsubishi Mirage G4  
Subaru Impreza  
Toyota 86  
With Scion phasing out at the end of 2016,  
look for the completely new Toyota 86, which  
is designed to pick up where the Scion FR-S  
left off. It will feature more Toyota-esque  
exterior components, and the interior will  
be made of a new soft material the company  
calls “Grandlux.” Pricing has not been set, but  
MSRPs for the 2016 FR-S started at $24,000.  
Ford’s F-Series is consistently a top seller in the  
truck industry, but they’ve added another to the  
table—the F-150 Raptor. Much like the standard  
F-150, the Raptor has high ground clearance and  
under-body armor, making it suitable for most ter-  
rain. The main upgrade from the first Raptor? It’s  
based on the latest aluminum-intensive F-150, making  
it much lighter than its predecessor.  
New Trucks for 2017  
Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCrew  
Ford F-Series Super Duty  
Honda Ridgeline  
The first SUV to make its way off of Bentley’s pro-  
duction line is in a class of its own—the Bentayga.  
According to the company, it’s the fastest, most pow-  
erful, and most luxurious in the SUV class. It’s every-  
thing you’d expect from the company… and more.  
New Luxury Vehicles for 2017  
Alfa Romeo Giulia  
Bentley Bentayga  
Genesis G90  
Infiniti Q60 Coupe  
Infiniti QX30  
Jaguar XE  
Lincoln Continental  
Maserati Levante  
Mercedes-Benz E Class  
Range Rover Evoque Convertible  
Volvo S90  
WindoW Film  
Class of ‘17  
Hot Pursuit  
Here’s a look at the gas mileage of some members  
in the class of 2017 SUVs. If you’re not tempted to  
buy one, with any luck, your customers are.  
According to the National Insurance Crime  
Bureau (NICB), mainstream cars and trucks,  
used or new, are more likely to be targeted by  
thieves. Even though anti-theft technology is  
increasing in newer model makes, thieves are  
finding ways to keep up. Here’s a list compiled  
by the NICB of the country’s most wanted vehi-  
cles. If your customers are driving any of these  
models, explain these stats and inform them of  
the benefits of having security film installed to  
help deter criminals.  
Gas Mileage (MPG)  
New Make and Model  
SUVs for 2017  
Audi Q7  
Buick Encore  
Cadillac XT5  
Most Stolen Used Vehicles  
in the United Sates (2015)  
Chevrolet Trax  
Ford Escape  
No. of Units  
GMC Acadia  
Year Make and Model  
996 Honda Accord  
Jaguar F-Pace  
Kia Sportage SX Turbo  
Mazda CX-3  
998 Honda Civic  
006 Ford Pickup (Full Size)  
004 Chevy Silverado  
Nissan Armada  
2014 Toyota Camry  
Most Stolen New Vehicles  
in the United Sates (2015)  
The new Mazda MX-5 RF (retractable fastback) is  
the sleeker hard-top version of the world’s best-selling  
roadster, the Miata MX-5. In fact, it has all of the same  
comforts, features and mechanics of its soft-top prede-  
cessor but with finer tuning to meet the needs of the  
new hard-top construction.  
No. of Units  
015 Make and Model  
Nissan Altima  
Chrysler 200  
Toyota Camry  
Toyota Corolla  
GMC Sierra  
Tint Factory Facts  
Many SUVs are being manufactured with factory tint  
or privacy glass on the rear windows. This becomes a  
problem for tinters when customers aren’t aware of the  
differences between those products and aftermarket tint.  
Josh Buis, chief operating officer of Scorpion Window  
Film, says this is where educating the consumer is key.  
When a customer brings in his or her vehicle to have  
tint installed, make sure they’re aware that their vehi-  
cle’s rear windows aren’t offering the same protection  
compared to the tint you’re installing.If customers don’t  
know, then they can’t care, and those extra windows  
that SUVs have become a missed opportunity to grow  
New Sport Vehicles for 2017  
Acura NSX  
Fiat 124 Spider  
Mazda MX-5 RF  
Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe  
Mercedez-Benz S Class Cabriolet  
Porsche Boxster  
your sales.  
Katherine Coig is the assistant editor of WindoW Film magazine.  
She may be reached at  
Porsche Panamera  
November/December 2016  
WiNDoW Film