by Mike Feldman  
Never Mind,Toby  
once fancied myself traveling the vacation, or so we thought. The cli- the airline personnel.  
country to grow business for a ents’ secretary gave us the news,  
The airline found that Toby was  
major corporation.  
My job was to focus the sales be in later since his plane arrived and it would arrive the next morning.  
reps’ talents and encourage them, the evening before.  
or let them go.  
saying she wasn’t sure if he would somehow placed on the wrong plane,  
When the flight landed, they  
We headed to the parking garage found Toby had passed away.  
Our customer stood there, tears  
On a trip to a major market, my when we literally bumped into him.  
sales rep happened to be working  
Looking rather haggard, he welling in his eyes.  
on a project that had the potential began telling us the story of his  
to assure us a terrific third-quarter horrible evening.  
My sales rep looked straight at  
him and said, “Never mind Toby.  
sales goal. The project had been  
in the works for months, and we night before, and he always travels window-film project?”  
seemed to be hitting an impasse. with his dog, Toby. After all the  
Seems his plane landed late the When are we getting the PO for the  
Unfortunately, the key decision bags were gone and there was no Mike Feldman is the president of Advanced  
maker had been out of town on sign of Toby, he went straight to Film Solutions in New Port Richey, Fla.  
WindoW Film