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016 Tint-  
Hanita Coatings Sells to Avery Dennison  
Off™ Winners  
According to the Calcalist news website,Hanita Coatings was bought  
by the manufacturerAvery Dennison for $75 million.The report stated  
that the company had signed a memorandum of understanding and is  
finishing its due diligence,after which it will pay $66 million.The remaining  
$9 million will be paid upon reaching certain milestones.  
Upon the purchase,Avery Dennison will acquire access to Hanita’s patented  
technology that allows the company to have high-quality solutions equivalent to  
sputtering. It allows them to cover three to five meters per second.  
Hanita has yet to make a comment.  
Three intense days of compe-  
tition atWFCT,and the winners of all  
three divisions were finally announced  
on the evening of October 7.  
Tyler O’Hara of Ghost Shield Paint  
home the gold in the Paint Protection  
Film Division;Yohan Kim of 1Day Tint  
in Huntsville, Ala., won the gold in  
the Architectural Division; and Jong-  
Moon Lee of SMPS in Gimcheon-si,  
Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea, was award-  
ed the gold in theAutomotive Division.  
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Hüper Optik  
the Winter  
As we transition  
into the colder months,  
chances are less tinting  
opportunities will roll through your  
shop. So how do you prepare your  
window-film shop for the slow seasons  
of Fall andWinter?  
According to the Reynolds brothers,  
owners ofTint My Ride inVermont, in  
as little as two weeks’ time, they’ll sell  
as much in gift certificates as they will  
in tint for the whole month of June. In  
short, don’t underestimate the power  
of the holiday seasons.  
If you weren’t pushing PPF,now’s the  
time to start. It’s a year-round product  
that has benefits for all seasons, but  
it can really help drive-in cold season  
sales,says Dave Coles,owner of Image  
Autographix &Tint in Canada.  
John Bartle, location manager of  
Ziebart in N.Y., explains it’s all about  
maintaining relationships with car deal-  
ers. Car dealers will push customers  
to get their windows tinted, and for  
repayment, give them a little kick-back.  
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Hüper Optik continued its expan-  
sion as Tekton Performance Films  
became the company’s exclusive  
Canadian distributor of window  
films and paint protection films.  
With distribution partners continu-  
ing to be a big part of Hüper Optik’s  
effort to grow, the company decided  
to expand the territory to further  
pursue opportunities in Canada.  
Tekton has also made a commit-  
ment to not compete with their  
dealers by having a retail division  
and pass on any jobs they create to  
their authorized Hüper Optik deal-  
ers in the area.  
U.S. Film Crew  
Partners to  
Create Lerma  
Film Crew  
U.S. Film Crew (USFC) partnered  
with installer Rick Lerma to cre-  
ate the new window-film company  
Lerma Film Crew (LFC).  
The new company will absorb  
USFC’s subcontracting division, but  
USFC will continue to exist as a sep-  
arate company,serving only as a win-  
dow-film dealer in the Pittsburgh,Pa.,  
area. LFC will then have two bases:  
one in Pittsburgh, and the other in  
San Antonio,Texas.  
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According to USFC, the union will  
provide a new standard for subcon-  
tracting window film installation. As  
the pair says, “It’s new, but already  
a classic.”  
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