by Manny Hondroulis  
Fast Forward FiveYears  
isionaries like Henry Ford,  
Steve Jobs and Mark  
Zuckerberg changed the  
world. They changed it in differ-  
ent ways at different times but,  
nevertheless, they left their mark.  
Will you adapt your business  
to these anticipated changes to be at  
the right place at the right time?  
This news segment got me think- software on a tablet (or whatever  
Who else will change the world in ing—if driverless cars become the replaces the tablet in five years).  
profound ways? norm in New York, Los Angeles and Sure, we have this technology now,  
One such person may be John Chicago by 2021, what other chang- but how many of you have it or use  
Zimmer, co-founder of Lyft. If you es are in store for the nation? And it with every sale?  
don’t know Lyft, you’re sure to how will these changes impact the  
Another foreseeable change is  
know its major competitor—Uber. window-film industry? Will window the expansion of in-house services  
According to a news segment film become obsolete as glass man- that flat glass window-film dealers  
about Zimmer and his company, ufacturers incorporate new tech- provide. There are already a hand-  
his vision for the country’s large nologies into their products? (This ful of innovative dealers who have  
cities is to expand the freedoms is a discussion in and of itself, but become design, security and sus-  
that automobiles provide. He I believe the short answer is no.) tainability experts. An example is a  
claims that the standard practice Will consumers search for window dealer who can quantify the visual  
for car ownership does not allow film in different ways? In other and monetary (over and beyond  
for the freedom that we think it words, by 2021, will we no longer utility savings) impact of sun con-  
does. Sure, a car can take you from care about our companies’ Google trol window film. Another example  
A to B, but the expense of owner- rankings? Of course, if I could pre- is a dealer who can redesign office  
ship, maintenance and parking (in dict the future, I might become space over and beyond decorative  
larger cities), coupled with heavy a visionary and change the win- glass treatments, such as architec-  
traffic, prevents the owner from dow-film world.  
having true freedom. Lyft seeks to But I can predict a couple of end-user’s corporate culture.  
change that by eliminating excess changes: the average window-film Gaining knowledge in these fields  
cars through on-demand automo- transaction, whether automotive, isn’t particularly difficult or costly  
bile use. residential, commercial or govern- when there are numerous class-  
tural finishes that complement that  
If his vision becomes a reality, ment, will become more technical room-based and online venues for  
cars parked on the streets and in nature. Many of you already learning. Providing a value-added  
in garages will become extinct, use technology in each sales call. in-house service that promotes the  
and that real estate can be trans- What light engineering work we eventual sale of film helps differ-  
formed into housing and parks— do now to sell a large commercial entiate these dealers from their  
an idea that will help larger cities project may become the norm in competition.  
make room for new residents. He tinting a Camry. During your first  
What changes do you predict?  
believes that autonomous auto- contact with a prospect, you may Will you adapt your business to  
mobile transportation will be the have to show her how her specific these anticipated changes to be at  
norm in America’s larger cities building, home or car’s appear- the right place at the right time?  
within five years. While that time- ance will change after the instal- Will you be proactive instead of  
frame seems sudden, perhaps lation of window film. At the same reactive? Ford, Jobs, Zuckerberg  
his vision will become a reali- time, you may have to estimate and Zimmer certainly were.  
ty, and he will have changed the the impact of that film on utility  
world, much like Ford, Jobs and bills or gas consumption. This will Manny Hondroulis is the vice president of  
be achieved through easy-to-use Energy Distribution Products in Baltimore.  
WindoW Film