t’s that time of year again. The  
annual Specialty Equipment  
Market Association (SEMA) trade  
show, held in none other than fab-  
ulous Las Vegas, kicks-off in early  
Spiinntnoing November. It is sure to be unlike  
any SEMA show before. Whether  
you’re a first-time or a veteran  
attendee, this year’s show promises  
some of the automotive industry’s  
most notable specialty products.  
And if this is your first time attend-  
ing SEMA—get ready to expect the  
unexpected, as the more-than-a-  
mile long show floor crowds with  
exhibitors and attendees.  
SEMA highlights specialty prod-  
ucts from all markets across the  
automotive industry from just  
under 2,300 exhibitors. A small but  
important percentage are involved  
S E M A  
in window film. So to save some  
time, here are some of the prod-  
ucts relating to the window film  
industry you don’t want to pass-up  
at this year’s show.  
by Katherine Coig  
Global Window Films  
CDR Series  
Booth 12461  
Eastman Chemical Company  
– LLumar and SunTek PPF  
andWindow Film  
Booth 12117  
Eastman Chemical Company will  
feature LLumar and SunTek win-  
dow tint and paint protection film  
PPF) at the show.  
LLumar booth visitors will have  
the opportunity to get up close to  
a spectacular West Coast Customs  
build and show off their skills while  
heat shrinking LLumar CTX win-  
dow tint on the one-of-a-kind vehi-  
cle. Attendees can also test the  
self-healing LLumar paint protec-  
tion film and see the high-gloss film  
Global Window Films’ latest in action.  
product is now available from dis- The invisible clear-coat finish is offers all the performance advan-  
tributors. Called the Ceramic Dual combined with a soft re-positionable tages of the CarbonXP (CXP) line  
Reflective (CDR) Series, the prod- adhesive, and allows fast, clean, con- as well as enhanced solar perfor-  
uct incorporates ceramic materi- sistent and long-lasting installations, mance and infrared rejection.  
als and metallizing technology to according to the company.  
CIR is the latest in ceramic and  
deliver a high performance film SunTek installation experts will non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon  
with a solid look, according to the demonstrate the TruCut pattern technology. It features a non-reflec-  
company. They are available in five cutting software as well as window tive, non-fading black finish as well  
VLTs and in widths up to 72 inches. film and PPF installations. Along as signal-enabling technology.  
The product comes with a limited with its PPF, the company is featur- yy➤ www.eastman.com  
lifetime warranty.  
ing its newest high-end automotive  
yy➤ www.globalwindowfilms.com window film CeramicIR (CIR). CIR  
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WindoW Film  
SEMA from page 37  
Maxpro Window Films –  
Carbon Xtreme  
Booth 30288  
display its next generation of Anti-  
Fog f lm, which features improved  
performance and durability when  
compared to its predecessor. The  
f lm can be installed on freezer  
doors and bathroom mirrors.  
The company will also display  
its energy saving f lm. This newly  
added ENERV series has low solar  
energy absorption and application  
is allowed on thermal pane win- rock chips, scratches and road  
Maxpro Window Films will intro- dows. According to the compa- hazards. The product can provide  
duce Maxpro Carbon Xtreme at this ny, the new f lms offer customers complete coverage over the entire  
year’s SEMA show. The new prod- both high heat rejection and clear hood, and it is also able to cover  
uct is a non-metal, dye free automo- visibility.  
the portions of a vehicle that may  
Rounding-up the display is its sustain the most damage.  
The latest introduction to the  
tive f lm that won’t fade due to the  
color-stable dye-free construction, Nano Ceramic Automotive f lm.  
according to the company. The The FEELM 500 series is a higher company’s automotive window  
non-metal f lm will not interfere performance version of the com- f lm portfolio, Ultra Performance  
with satellite and radio reception, pany’s FEELM 400 series. The new Plus, is equipped with nano-ceram-  
and will protect from UV-A and f lm series rejects 90 percent of ic technology, which offers heat  
UV-B rays. It comes with a limited infrared radiation and is offered in rejection for a vehicle’s interior. It  
lifetime warranty, and is available multiple VLTs including 5, 20, 35 also provides protection against  
in visible light transmissions (VLT) and 50.  
harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. The  
product is virtually invisible for an  
unaltered view and maintains the  
natural appearance of your vehi-  
cle’s windows, according to the  
ranging from 5 to 50 percent.  
yy➤ www.wintechusa.com  
yy➤ www.maxproflms.com  
Solar Gard – Clearshield  
Pro and Ultra  
Wintech Window Films –  
Anti-Fog, Energy Saving  
and Nano Ceramic Films  
Booth 12453  
Performance Plus  
Booth 12175  
yy➤ www.solargard.com  
Clearshield Pro is Solar Gard’s  
Wintech Window Films will protective f lm that forms a dura- HanitaTek SolarZone  
showcase several products at this ble, clear barrier to act as body Automotive Window Films  
year’s show. The company will armor for a vehicle’s paint from Booth 15411  
HanitaTek, the North American dis-  
tribution arm of Hanita Coatings, has  
FaThne SFEMaAvoshrowities sone of the biggest trade shows that Sin City hosts every  
launched a new line of window f lms,  
the SolarZone Automotive series.  
year, so it’s no wonder it draws in some big names. Celebrity appearances have  
Spearheading the range is NR  
become commonplace at the show, but keep in mind, with a floor that’s more  
Sigma Pro, which has nanotech-  
than a mile long,knowing where and when to be is key to finding your favorites.  
nology that provides durable color  
Chip Foose, star of Velocity’s “Overhaulin’” will make an appearance at 3M’s  
and graphite looks in a metal-free  
booth #61027. 3M will also host KC Mathieu from Discovery channel’s “Fast N’  
f lm.  
Loud”; Charley Hutton, owner of Color Studio; and Ian Rousell, star of MAVTV  
HP Omega Plus is a metal-dye  
show “Full Custom Garage.” And that’s just to name a few.  
hybrid that offers heat reduction and  
If you’re a new attendee, imagining the scale of SEMA won’t compare to  
glare protection in a cool grey tone.  
its actual size—just keep thinking “bigger.” If you couldn’t attend this year,  
Lastly, IR 75, which is based on  
WindoW Film magazine will do its best to bring you complete show coverage.  
spectrally selective technology and  
yields high heat and ultraviolet  
rejection from a nearly invisible f lm.  
yy➤ www.hanitacoatings.com WF  
Visit WindoW Film Magazine  
WindoW Film magazine will be in booth 12460, so  
be sure to stop by, say hi and meet our staff! We hope  
to meet you there.  
Katherine Coig is the assistant editor of  
WindoW Film magazine.She may be reached  
at kcoig@glass.com.Follow her on twitter  
at @windowfilmmag.  
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