Marketing Advice by Jamie Werner  
The Two-Sided Upsell with PPF  
hen entrepreneurs want attracts potential sales by custom- your tint price. It’s a product that  
to grow their business, ers who spend more money.  
they’ll add products to Consider this model when sell- afraid to ask customers if they’re  
boost their revenue. Sometimes ing to PPF customers. It’s a high- familiar with it.  
needs to be promoted, so don’t be  
it’s an easy-upsell product that er-priced item and awareness is  
has good margins. Other products low. If you sell them on PPF, they on the benef ts, and the concept of  
blend well with current offerings. may buy high-end tint as well.  
Keep your customers educated  
the one-stop shop can be success-  
Customers would rather get it all As for upselling PPF, there are ful. If a customer comes in to have  
done in one place—it’s the idea of a a few things to keep in mind. PPF installed, sell him on protecting  
one-stop shop. Did you notice that Customers may not know what the his vehicle with tint, too. That’s the  
most Targets now have a Starbucks product is—educate them. Since benef t of the two-sided upsell. WF  
inside? They’re there to attract a they weren’t aware of the product,  
specif c clientele. With shoppers be ready to explain its value. Keep Jamie Werner is the national sales  
coming in for Starbucks, Target your package for upsell lower than manager for PremiumShield.  
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