by Chuck Bankoff  
How to WreckYour  
Web Budget  
here’s more to marketing of this phenomenon by making  
your window-film shop on sure that everyone you know has  
the Internet than just having a little piece of themselves in the  
a good website. There’s advertis- final project.  
ing, social media and search engine  
placement. But face it, at the end of  
the day, your website is at the hub  
of all that activity.  
Trickle your changes  
dropping subtle hints about your  
willingness to make your website a  
in one at a time  
You wouldn’t want to overwhelm low priority in your business.  
It’s easy to tell you how to do your design team by letting them  
things right. The Internet is full of organize the project all at once,  
Squeeze ten pounds  
helpful tips on how to do things would you? This way they can 10into a five pound bag  
right. What’s been missing is a man- have ten or 20 miniature projects People like to look at things, so  
ual on how to do things wrong.  
to manage instead of just one.  
take the opportunity to jam-pack  
each page full of visually stimulat-  
ing eye-candy. That way you can  
camouflage your most important  
Put it on  
Do it by  
auto pilot  
Now, if you’re looking to shed some After all, you have plenty of time message in all the clutter.  
of that unwanted cash, go ahead to learn about marketing, design  
and take advantage of your develop- and coding. What do you think  
Skip the search  
er’s telepathic powers and let them all those “Dummies” books are 11engine stuff  
do all your thinking for you.  
for? Everyone loves that “home- Wait until after the website has  
made” look, and in just a few short been built to start thinking about  
Never respond  
right away  
months … Presto!  
how your customers are going to  
find you. That way you don’t have  
to deal with customer calls.  
Don’t spoil your development team  
by immediately responding to their  
Use the cheapest  
technology available  
questions or supplying thoughtful Don’t offend your customers with  
Ignore mobile  
feedback. That way you can avoid one of those fancy “user friendly” 12Why not cram your entire  
becoming their number one priority. websites that scream “Look at me… website onto a viewing area the  
I take my company seriously.” And size of a postage stamp?  
Don’t test it  
what better way to showcase your  
thriftiness than to cut corners on  
Just throw something  
13up there for now  
Why should you? After all, they’re the company website?  
the professionals. And given the  
industry requirement for telepa-  
thy, you can be assured that every-  
thing will work just like it did in Why not let the inexperienced 22 will assume that you are spend-  
your head.  
Nothing conveys attention-to-de-  
tail like a placeholder for a web-  
site. That way your customers  
Delegate to  
an intern  
year-old kid do it? He’s good at ing your time on them and not  
Twitter, so he must be good at pesky details like your company  
by committee  
business websites.  
image. After all, if you don’t have  
time to do it right … you’ll prob-  
ably have plenty of time to do it  
over… right?  
Everyone has an opinion, and  
even if they don’t, they’ll chime  
Make it clear you  
have no budget  
in so that everyone thinks they Nothing incentivizes web devel-  
have an opinion. Take advantage opers to do their best work like  
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WindoW Film  
Choose your developer  
14based solely on price  
All websites are the same, so they should all cost the  
same. All cars are equal, and they all cost the same  
It’s all  
about you  
Make sure that your website is all about you. If your  
customers want a website that works for them, they  
can go to your competitors. This one is yours!  
You are now fully equipped to bring in your  
project late and over budget. Sarcastic? You bet.  
But then again, neither I nor my staff know how to  
install window film. I sure don’t expect you to know  
how a website development or search marketing  
project works.  
Chuck Bankoff is director of web services for Kreative Webworks,  
a digital marketing agency in Southern California specializing in  
glass-related industries.  
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Left to Right: Danny Munoz, Yohan Kim, Jong-Moon Lee, Tyler O’Hara & Nate Barrett  
Auto Window Tint Division  
PPF Division  
1st PLACE: Tyler O’Hara, Ghost Shield | Newbury Park, CA  
2nd PLACE: Nate Barrett, Bespoke Paint Protection | Austin, TX  
st PLACE: Jong-Moon Lee, SMPS | South Korea  
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Architectural Window Tint Division  
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