by Mike Feldman  
Building a Reputation  
We can all control the face we  
You can’t build a reputation on  
what you are going to do.  
present to our clients through  
every aspect of our interactions  
with them. This means offering  
Henry Ford the best possible choices for our  
customers and the best possible  
installations. We should have qual-  
ity trained installers with clean  
records who have passed a drug  
test (bear with me here; this is,  
after all, a goal).  
It means honoring our promis-  
es and commitments to our cus-  
tomers and employees. It means  
participating in our business com-  
munities and maintaining our own  
reputation where it counts: locally.  
Now, this won’t be a simple task.  
Since we can only control what we  
do as individuals, we won’t have  
any influence on what others in  
this business choose to do or not  
he window film business has dealt with sometime in their past. do to keep the highest level of  
been around since the 1960s. Frankly, this isn’t a pretty picture. consumer interaction. I continue  
Sure, I recognize some old When I was a fresh newbie in to believe that, if the majority of  
folks out there will tell you a story this business, I believed that the window film dealers do their part,  
about a film job in the 1950s, but entire industry could take actions this entire industry will benefit.  
just believe me when I tell you that to improve these poor perceptions  
Dealers should also try to influ-  
it’s been around for a very long time! by educating, marketing and estab- ence our manufacturers and distri-  
Throughout all of these decades, lishing high standards for all stake- bution “partners” to do their part.  
the one consistent fact has been holders.  
They should be clear in what  
the near-invisible level of consumer Now, after having spent decades they expect their dealers to do  
awareness regarding our industry. in this business, I’ve reached the to maintain the highest level of  
People at home-related trade shows conclusion that this goal was naive customer service. If their dealer  
will pass our booth and ask us, and that our current state of reality doesn’t honor warranties or per-  
“What are you selling?” When we is exactly what we have earned.  
forms poor workmanship or is,  
tell them that we install solar and  
No, I’m not pointing fingers at frankly, a deadbeat, it’s time to  
safety window film for their home anyone or everyone. As some peo- take remedial action to improve  
windows, they give us a look that ple say, “It is what it is.”  
the situation.  
Let’s all do our part to make  
demonstrates they have absolutely  
no idea what we are talking about.  
The goal for all of us who love  
this business is to make our own great things happen for window  
There are also many people that plans to be the very best we can as film dealers.  
have heard of window film but representatives of this industry in  
have a story about purple win- our own town or, more specifically, Mike Feldman is the president of Advanced  
dows or a surly window tinter they in our sales and marketing area.  
Film Solutions in New Port Richey, Fla.  
WindoW Film  

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